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Canfield Solitaire

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Download SolSuite Solitaire
Download SolSuite Solitaire

and play Canfield Solitaire now!

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SolSuite includes the following Canfield Solitaire variations:

  1. Acme

  2. American Toad

  3. Baltimore (*)

  4. Canfield

  5. Canfield Easy (*)

  6. Canfield Reversed (*)

  1. Canfield Three Decks (*)

  2. Chameleon

  3. Double Acme (*)

  4. Double Canfield

  5. Duchess

  1. Goldfield

  2. Rainbow

  3. Storehouse

  4. Superior Canfield

  5. Variegated Canfield

(*) Original SolSuite Solitaire invented by the authors of SolSuite and therefore exclusive SolSuite solitaire. It is neither available in other solitaire collections nor is it included in any book of solitaire games.
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