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You can customize the toolbar to suit your working needs: toolbar sizing, show moves, show time, show score.
SolSuite Options dialog box

Card Sets
You can select from some different Card Sets.
Some card sets available:

English Pattern Card Set Medieval Card Set
Modern Card Set
Alice in Wonderland - card set Large Print - card set Ancient Egypt - card set
Ancient Romans - card set Antique Orchids - card set Big Ben - card set
Caricatures - card set Celtic - card set Dressed Dogs - card set
Early American - card set Emoticons - card set Fairy Tales - card set
First American Presidents - card set Four Reigns of English History - card set Funny Court - card set
Holiday Cheer - card set Kings of France - card set Kittens - card set
Large Print London - card set Medieval Kings of England - card set Old Garden Roses - card set
Puppies - card set


Thanksgiving - card set


Wonders of the World - card set

and Many More!...

Card Backs
You can select from dozens of different Card Backs.
Card Backs examples:

Card Backs
Card Backs


and Many More!...

You can select from dozens of different Backgrounds. Backgrounds are grouped by categories such as Wood, Metal, Pattern, Wall, Nature, even color, faded color, etc. You can also add any Bitmap file (.bmp) as a Background Image.
Background examples:

Blue and Yellow Abstract - background Cozy Cabin - background Vincas - background
Heavenly Place - background


Sunbeams - background


Pink Silk Hearts - background

and Many More!...

It's possible to change SolSuite’s user interface by using different and beautiful skins. Three skins are included in SolSuite Solitaire.

SolSuite Graphics Pack includes a series of other skins — among which some Windows XP standard interface variations —and more skins will be included in future versions.

SolSuite Solitaire Christmas Skin screenshot - Click here to enlarge
SolSuite Solitaire Hearts Skin screenshot - Click here to enlarge
SolSuite Solitaire Springtime Skin screenshot - Click here to enlarge
SolSuite Solitaire Summertime Skin screenshot - Click here to enlarge

Select or remove Card Animation, Deal and Redeal Animation, Cards Speed and Winning Animations.

SolSuite - Customize Animations dialog box

Select or remove sounds associated with events.

SolSuite - Customize Sounds dialog box

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