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General's Patience

Game info: Queen of Italy type; 2 decks; no redeal

Alternate names: Thirteen.

  • Game time: Long
  • Difficulty level: Hard
  • Skill level: Mostly chance
  • Chance of winning: Very low (about 1 in 60)

Object of the game: Move all the cards to the foundations.

Solitaire Rules

Foundations (8 piles: complete these piles to win the game)

  • The base card for this game will vary. At the beginning of the game examine the tableau and choose one of the four exposed cards as the first foundation.

  • Build up in suit (for example, a 5 can be played on a 4) from the base card to the rank just below the base card until each pile contains 13 cards.

  • Ranking of cards is continuous: build Aces after Kings when necessary.

Tableau (9 columns)

  • After the first foundation card is chosen, the rest of the tableau will be dealt.

  • Build down in alternating colors (for example, a 10 can be played on a Jack).

  • Ranking of cards is continuous: build Kings after Aces when necessary.

  • The top card of each pile is available for play on another tableau pile or to the foundations.

  • Only one card at a time can be moved.

  • Spaces may be filled with any available card from the stock or waste, not from the reserves or tableau.

Reserves (a row of 13 cards)

  • Only the card exposed at the end may be built on the foundations. It may not be packed on the tableau.


  • Turn up one card at a time from the stock to the waste by clicking.

  • There is no redeal.

Waste (One pile)

  • The top card is available for play on the foundations or the tableau.

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