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Original Solitaire

Game info: Stripped deck; 1 stripped deck: 32 cards; no redeal

  • Game time: Medium
  • Difficulty level: Medium
  • Skill level: Moderate
  • Chance of winning: Low; about 1 in 10; 10%

Object of the game: Discard all the cards of the stock.

Solitaire Rules

Set-Up: At the beginning of the game, the four Aces are dealt as indicator cards in a row called "indicator row". They take no active part in the game.

  • Deal cards, one at a time, by clicking on the stock.

  • Whenever a card is of the same suit as the Ace vertically above it in the "indicator row", the card can be discarded in the top waste of the same column.

  • You can interchange the position of two cards in order to match the Ace's suit and discard them.

  • Tableau cards may be interchanged only if after the exchange the suit of the starting and the destination cards matches the suits of the Aces in the "indicator row". To interchange two cards, drag and drop one card on the other.

  • The exchange can be done between two cards of any tableau row, not necessarily the same row.

  • When a pair is discarded, remaining cards are moved from right to left and up from the lower rows to consolidate the tableau.

  • To win the game you must discard the entire stock.

  • There is no redeal.

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