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Original Solitaire

Game info: Two-Deck solitaires type; 2 decks (104 cards); 24 redeals

  • Game time: Medium
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Skill level: Moderate
  • Chance of winning: Medium; about 1 in 5; 20%

Object of the game: Move all the cards to the foundations.

Solitaire Rules

Reserve (Eight piles, four red and four black, at the top, with one card each)

  • Any reserve card can be played to any foundation only if the foundation below it already contains at least one card.

  • When the cards in the foundation piles arrive at one rank below the reserve card above them, the reserve card is placed on the foundation, completing a pack of 13 cards.

Foundations (Eight piles, in the middle)

  • Build up in color. For example, a 2 can be played on an Ace.

  • The first card must be a tableau card that is of the same color and one rank higher than the corresponding card in the reserve row.

Tableau (Eight piles, at the bottom, of twelve cards each)

  • The top cards are available for play to the foundations.


  • After all possible plays have been made, click the Redeal button. Twenty-four redeals are allowed.

  • The cards in the first pile, except the bottom card, are dealt to each of the other tableau piles in succession.

  • If the play is blocked again, the cards in the second pile are dealt to the remaining tableau piles, then the third, and so on.

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