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Put-Them-In-Order (5x5 Square) Puzzle

Game info: Puzzle games type; 24 cards; no redeal

  • Game time: Medium
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Skill level: Mostly skill
  • Chance of winning: High (about 1 in 3)

Object of the game: To arrange the cards in numerical order from AceHeart Suit to KingHeart Suit, then from AceClubs Suit to JackClubs Suit.

Solitaire Rules

  • Move one card at a time into any space next to it.

  • The cards may be moved straight across and up and down, but never diagonally.

  • The game is won if all the cards are arranged in proper numerical order, as shown in the following scheme:

    AHeart Suit     2Heart Suit     3Heart Suit     4Heart Suit      5Heart Suit
    6Heart Suit     7Heart Suit     8Heart Suit     9Heart Suit     10Heart Suit
    JHeart Suit     QHeart Suit     KHeart Suit     AClubs Suit      2Clubs Suit
    3Clubs Suit     4Clubs Suit     5Clubs Suit     6Clubs Suit      7Clubs Suit
    8Clubs Suit     9Clubs Suit    10Clubs Suit    JClubs Suit       X

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