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Royal Marriage

Game info: Row games type; 1 deck; no redeal

Alternate names: Betrothal, Coquette, Discards, Double Jump, Matrimony, The Queen and Her Lad..

  • Game time: Quick
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Skill level: Mostly chance
  • Chance of winning: Low (about 1 in 30)

Object of the game: To discard all the cards, except KingHeart Suit and QueenHeart Suit together.

Solitaire Rules

  • The QHeart Suit is dealt face up and the KHeart Suit is placed at the bottom of the deck.

  • Deal the cards to the right of the QHeart Suit in a horizontal row by clicking on the stock.

  • Eliminate one card or two adjacent cards if it is (they are) between a pair of cards of the same suit or rank. For example:

  • 10Diamonds Suit QClubs Suit 3Clubs Suit 5Heart Suit ASpades Suit 3Diamonds Suit 
    Since the 3Clubs Suit and the 3Diamonds Suit are of the same rank, the 5Heart Suit and the A are eliminated, leaving 4 cards:

  • 10Diamonds Suit QClubs Suit 3Clubs Suit 3Diamonds Suit 
    The 10 and the 3 are of the same suit, so the QClubs Suit and the 3Clubs Suit are eliminated, leaving only 2 cards:

  • 10Diamonds Suit 3Diamonds Suit 

  • If more than two cards lie between a matching pair they cannot be removed, unless they are all of the same suit, in which case they all go out. For example:

  • JDiamonds Suit 7Diamonds Suit 10Clubs Suit AHeart Suit 2Heart Suit 5Heart Suit 6Heart Suit KHeart Suit 7Clubs Suit 
    All the Hearts between the 10Clubs Suit and 7Clubs Suit can be eliminated, leaving 4 cards:

  • JDiamonds Suit 7Diamonds Suit 10Clubs Suit 7Clubs Suit 
    The 10Clubs Suit would the be alone between the 7Diamonds Suit and the 7Clubs Suit, so the 10Clubs Suit could be eliminated, leaving 3 cards:

  • JDiamonds Suit 7Diamonds Suit 7Clubs Suit 

  • The game is won if, after the entire deck is dealt out, King and his Queen are side by side, other cards having been discarded.

  • There is no redeal.

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