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SolSuite 2018's NEW v18.10 is Now Available for Download! (October 10, 2018)

Download SolSuite 2018's new v18.10

Buy SolSuite 2018 Now! (only $9.99 !)

Download the NEW v18.10 now!

Buy SolSuite 2018 Now!


 New Features in SolSuite 2018 - v18.10 (October 10, 2018)



New Solitaires
SolSuite 2018's version 18.10 includes the following new solitaires (702 solitaires in all):

SolSuite 2018 v18.10 - Daphne screenshot

Legion Two Decks
SolSuite 2018 v18.10 - Legion Two Decks screenshot


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 Did you know?

To reveal a partially-hidden card, press Ctrl+Right click on the card

 Read What our Customers Say about SolSuite



I just want to let you folks know that I am VERY appreciative of your continuing support for your lovely SolSuite game over the years. You've take care of me over the years, and I really appreciate it. Today, when I received your letter with the new activation code (because I asked you for it)... I saw your softly hinted quest for an upgrade renewal. I had to think about it for a bit, because my income is limited. But I decided the friendship you've shown me over the years is important to me, and I know you folks have to make a living too. So I posted my VISA debit info to you and paid for my renewal. Thank you again for being such a constant friend over the years, and for trusting me to "do the right thing" today. Bravo! (Believe it or not, you are important to me! I want to you succeed, and survive. Your artwork alone in the SolSuite Games is outstanding and worthy!) Your friend, Bonnie Jacobson."
— Bonnie Jacobson, U.S. —


I will continue using and upgrading SolSuite – the best card game!"
— Graeme and Miriam O'Neill, New Zealand —


I Have just loaded your new version of SolSuite on my computer and it is great to have so many games. I play on them soon as I get the time to. I Love them all. I think I have all the versions now and you cannot go wrong when you play them as it puts you right even if you do go wrong. Keep up the good work and I would like to congratulate you for bringing out all of the games. They will keep me going for ever , there must be hundreds on this SolSuite games for ever. Thank you again for the brilliant games. I am so happy to think I am doing a good turn, and to let people know they don't know what there missing until they get your SolSuite card games.
— George Saunders, United Kingdom

NEW v15.0 of our Product: MahJong Suite 2018!


MahJong Suite 2018 is a high-quality collection of MahJong solitaire games.


New version 15.0 contains:
193 different layouts, 12 Tile Sets for MahJong-type games, 38 Tile Sets for Matching-type games, dozens of backgrounds and themes!

You will also get MahJong Suite Graphics Pack for Free with additional graphics

What's new in MahJong Suite 2018 version 15.0:

- MahJong Suite 2018's version 15.0 includes 5 new Layouts: 2018, Christmas Stocking, Monkey, Pagoda and Teapot

Download latest version of
MahJong Suite 2018: https://www.mahjongsuite.com

MahJong Suite 2018 is a perfect
SolSuite companion!

MahJong Suite 2018 is a perfect SolSuite companion!

Download SolSuite 2018's new v18.10

Buy SolSuite 2018 Now! (only $9.99 !)

Download the NEW v18.10 now!

Buy SolSuite 2018 Now!

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