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Version History Details > SolSuite 2010's NEW v10.1 has arrived! (January 10, 2010)


 New Features in SolSuite 2010 - v10.1 (January 10, 2010)


SolSuite 2010's NEW v10.1 includes the following New Features:

New Features
  • Search Solitaires
    SolSuite 2010's NEW v10.1 includes a powerful, new feature that allows you to instantly search and select a solitaire in the Select a Solitaire dialog box. You need only type a few letters before you start seeing the solitaire you're looking for. As you type, SolSuite searches and displays the solitaires in the solitaires list. The typed letters can be either the starting letters or letters contained in the solitaire name.

  • Cards Overlapping
    SolSuite 2010's NEW v10.1 allows you to change the size of the card overlapping.
    The selected size is applied to all the solitaires, either having a horizontal or a vertical overlapping. The sizes available are:

- Default (the current size)
- Medium (about Default size and a half)
- Large (about double the Default size)

Increased overlapping can be useful to see the suits, in addition to the numerals, in solitaires having a vertical overlapping (like Klondike, FreeCell, etc.).

The Large overlapping can be useful in moving cards on systems using a touchscreen display.

SolSuite 2010's NEW v10.1 includes the following Backgrounds and Card Backs:

New Backgrounds
SolSuite 2010's NEW v10.1 includes the following new Backgrounds (*):
Fairy Castle - background
Fairy Castle
Green Waves - background
Green Waves
Over the Rainbow - background
Over the Rainbow
Tulips on Old Wood - background
Tulips on Old Wood
Violet Bubbles - background
Violet Bubbles
New Card Backs
SolSuite 2010's NEW v10.1 includes the following new Card Backs (*):
  • A New Day
  • Curious Kitten
  • Egyptian Papyrus
  • House on the Hill
  • Sphinx and Great Pyramid of Giza


SolSuite 2010 v10.1 - new card backs

Download the latest v17.11 now, with 2 New original and classic Solitaire Games!

To download the NEW v17.11, click on the image below:


Free Download


SolSuite 2017's latest v17.11
November 10, 2017


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