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Version History Details > SolSuite 2010's NEW v10.5 has arrived! (June 30, 2010)


 New Features in SolSuite 2010 - v10.5 (June 30, 2010)


SolSuite 2010's NEW v10.5 includes these 2 new solitaires:
Flower Garden Reversed
SolSuite 2010 v10.5 - Flower Garden Reversed screenshot
Forty Thieves Build and Play
SolSuite 2010 v10.5 - Forty Thieves Build and Play screenshot

New Card Backs
SolSuite 2010's NEW v10.5 includes the following 5 new card backs (*):
  • Birds at the Fountain
  • Earth Angel
  • Hot-Air Balloon
  • Little Fairy
  • New York City Skyline
SolSuite 2010 v10.5 - new card backs
New Backgrounds
SolSuite 2010's NEW v10.5 includes the following 3 new backgrounds (*):
SolSuite 2010 v10.5 - Denim background
Grass DewSolSuite 2010 v10.5 - Grass Dew background Tropical BeachSolSuite 2010 v10.5 - Tropical Beach background

(*) New graphics are available in the latest SolSuite Graphics Pack Volume 2 v2.20 (free add-on for SolSuite).


Download the latest v17.11 now, with 2 New original and classic Solitaire Games!

To download the NEW v17.11, click on the image below:


CLICK HERE to Download SolSuite NOW!


SolSuite 2017's latest v17.11
November 10, 2017


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