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Version History Details > SolSuite 2010's NEW v10.8 has arrived! (October 25, 2010)


 New Features in SolSuite 2010 - v10.8 (October 25, 2010)

New Features
SolSuite 2010's NEW v10.8 includes the following new features:
  • Graphics Pack download and installation simplified

In order to simplify the download and installation of SolSuite Graphics Packs, we would like to announce the following:

  • Beginning with version 10.8, the Graphics Pack will be a single file to download, instead of two separate files (for Graphics Pack 1 and Graphics Pack 2).

  • The Graphics Pack's version number will be the same as the related SolSuite's version number (e.g. SolSuite 10.8 will have Graphics Pack 10.8).

New Solitaire
SolSuite 2010's NEW v10.8 includes this new solitaire:
Scorpion Four Decks
New Card Set
SolSuite 2010's NEW v10.8 includes the following new card set:(*):

(*) New graphics are available in the latest SolSuite Graphics Pack v10.8(free add-on for SolSuite).


We have 2 New original Solitaire Games in the latest v20.5 for you to try!

To download the NEW v20.5, click on the image below:



SolSuite 2020's latest v20.5
May 10, 2020


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