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Version History Details > SolSuite 2011's NEW v11.9 has arrived! (October 10, 2011)

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 New Features in SolSuite 2011 - v11.9 (October 10, 2011)



New Features
SolSuite 2011's NEW v11.9 includes the following new feature:

Print Rules
Added the new Print Rules feature that allows you to print the game rules directly from the Help Rules page.

To print the solitaire rules, click the Print Rules link available in each solitaire rules page:

The rules will be printed in an easy-to-read format. Also included, when available, are the "Solitaire Strategies and Tactics" and the list of "Similar Solitaires":

SolSuite 2011 v11.9 new feature - Print Rules



New Solitaires
SolSuite 2011's version 11.9 includes the following new solitaires (527 solitaires in all):

Magic Carpet

SolSuite 2011 v11.9 - Magic Carpet screenshot

Trusty Twelve

SolSuite 2011 v11.9 - Trusty Twelve screenshot


New Card Set
SolSuite 2011's version 11.9 includes the following new card set (*):

Happy Animals
SolSuite 2011's version 11.9 - new Happy Animals card set

(*) SolSuite 2011 makes available a new "Check for Updates" command.
This command will check for updates to the SolSuite program and SolSuite Graphics Pack components.
To Check for Updates: On the Help tab, in the Website group, click Check for Updates.

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Download the latest v17.11 now, with 2 New original and classic Solitaire Games!

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left To download the NEW v17.11, click on the image below:

CLICK HERE to Download SolSuite NOW!

SolSuite 2017's latest v17.11
November 10, 2017

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