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SolSuite Graphics Pack

SolSuite Graphics Pack is an exciting FREE add-on for your registered copy of SolSuite 2017 v17.9 and v17.10
SolSuite Graphics Pack contains a collection of beautiful card sets, card backs and backgrounds to use with SolSuite 2017

Volume Version Date of the latest Update Download
SolSuite Graphics Pack 17.9 September 10, 2017 Download (96.7 MB)

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New Card Sets, Card Backs and Backgrounds added in SolSuite Graphics Pack
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How to use SolSuite Graphics Pack
You must install SolSuite Graphics Pack in the same folder where you installed SolSuite 2017. For example: C:\Program Files\SolSuite
The additional card sets, card backs, backgrounds and skins will be added to the default SolSuite data.

To select one of them:

1 On the Appearance tab, in the Select group, click Select Card Set, or Select Card Back or Select Background.

2 Select the item of your choice.

3 Click OK.


Card Sets, Card Backs, Backgrounds, Skins and Themes included in SolSuite Graphics Pack:
Card Sets Card Backs Skins Themes


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