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Tutorial - Install SolSuite

This tutorial will help you install SolSuite on your P.C. with confidence. Installing SolSuite is a simple process!


Double click on the "solsuitexxxx_vxx_setup.exe" (or solsuite.exe) file to start the installation.

If you cannot locate the "solsuitexxxx_vxx_setup.exe" (or solsuite.exe) file:

  • Open the folder where you downloaded SolSuite. The default folder is "Downloads".

  • OR insert the CD-Rom containing SolSuite (if you bought it);

  • you can always download SolSuite again: click here for more info.

SolSuite Solitaire installation



The installation program will be displayed. Press "Next" to continue. A series of dialog boxes will be displayed. Press "Next" to continue the installation.
(On this Tutorial page we'll display only the most important dialog boxes.)

SolSuite Solitaire installation wizard


Select the Folder for installing SolSuite. We recommend maintaining the default folder.

Note: If you are installing a SolSuite upgrade:

  • select the "Destination Folder" that contains your previous installation of SolSuite;
  • Install the new SolSuite upgrade without uninstalling the previous version, which will save your statistics and settings.

SolSuite Solitaire installation wizard



Now you are ready to begin the installation. To start copying the files on your P.C., press "Next".

SolSuite Solitaire installation wizard



The installation program starts copying the files on your P.C.

SolSuite Solitaire installation wizard


After SolSuite has been successfully installed on your P.C., press "Finish" to exit the installation.

If the check-box "Yes, I want to run SolSuite now" is checked, then SolSuite will open immediately.

SolSuite Solitaire installation wizard



To run SolSuite you can choose one of the following ways:

Click on the "SolSuite" icon on the Windows Desktop:

Run SolSuite Solitaire


  1. click on the Windows "Start" button; 
  2. click on "All Programs";
  3. click on the "SolSuite - Solitaire Card Games" folder;
  4. click on the "SolSuite" icon.

Run SolSuite Solitaire



Now the SolSuite installation process is finished. You are ready to enter the Activation Code.

Click here to go to the Activation Code tutorial.

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