A selection of the most recent comments from our customers

I am an avid user of SolSuite and have been for at least 16 years. I have had several different updates, and enjoy seeing the improvements to the different games. My "favs" include FreeCell and FreeCell Two Decks, Klondike (3 varieties of it), Pyramid and Double Pyramid, and a few others. Playing these games every day is a routine I love, and one I plan to continue...." - Karen Guy, U.S.

SolSuite is extremely beautiful and highly amusing. To me, it is fodder for the brain and an enlightenment for the human soul. I have never been more elated!" - Saad M. Adnan, U.S.

I am a long time SolSuite player and I just love all the different games and the graphics on the cards and the background. It has truly been a great investment." - Faye Fairley, U.S.

I've been a fan for years... It gives me a break from some work stuff. The variety is unbelievable. Personally, I like the games that take skill... either moderate or hard. I have some favorites that I play often... they are like old friends." - John Meyer, U.S.

Vielen lieben Dank für die wunderbare Solitär- Suite! Mir gefällt es, dass ich die Option wählen kann, die ich wirklich brauche. So läuft alles wie es mir gewünscht habe. Super gut programiert, fantastisch, einfach das Beste in der Welt, denn es gab wirklich nichts Besseres von dieser Art von Spielen." - Felicitas Margarete, Germany

SolSuite solitaire is the only one I will play... I spend a lot of time playing this one... Out of 5 stars I give it 10 stars." - Jeannette Kendall, U.S.

SolSuite is an excellent compendium of solitaire card games. I spend most of my time playing many well-known games. Would recommend this to anyone." - Robert John James, Great Britain

SolSuite has everything I want in a solitaire collection. There are more games to play than I have time for. I can choose the ones I like and save them in a Favorites list. Best of all, I can change the rules for my favorite games and play them the way I want them to be played. The graphics are also changeable and pleasing to the eye. The publishers are responsive to email inquiries. This is a great product." - Paula Alan, U.S.

Have enjoyed SolSuite Solitaire for more than a decade and prefer it over every other software I have used. The presentation is excellent with card design, background colors, and other visual features much better than others. The selection of solitaire available is impressive, especially with different variations of some classic card solitaire games. The basic collection of card solitaires is complemented by other classic solitaire, as well. Great value for money and customer service -- on the very few occasions I have needed assistance -- has been prompt and courteous." - Brien Holmes, Canada

Is there another word besides... GREAT OR AWESOME?? I use SolSuite to warm up my brain in the morning or wind down in the evening. I enjoy the games that take a little work... i.e. not the "chance" ones. I have some favorites that are always a challenge. I have discovered new ones along the way (you have so many to choose from!!). Thanks for providing the kind of entertainment that I really go for." - John Meyer, U.S.

My mother and I both enjoy SolSuite very much and would be lost without the escape. I find it very relaxing and sometimes am surprised at how much time passed while enjoying the games, so thank you very much for your five-star collection." - Melissa Wrightson, U.S.

A human life span is not long enough to play all the solitaire games offered by SolSuite. Very nice collection. I'm glad I found you. My favorite is FreeCell. Since I bought my first version of SolSuite around a decade ago, I have played 10,437 games of it with a win percentage of 98.2%. I wouldn't know that if it weren't for the built-in tally feature. I love it." - Gilbert Forbes, U.S.

Great game SolSuite. First, there are more than 800 different solitaire games. That is amazing. Second, you can customize the game so that the background is whatever picture you want, the card back is what you want and the card set is what you want. I have created background and card backs so that I am using my own picture. Of course, you don't have to customize any of it, and there are many choices if you don't want to put that effort in. Well worth the price of the game." - Christopher Moore, U.S.

I think I started playing the SolSuite solitaire games around 2012. Eventually purchased the software pkg in 2015. Still going strong, never a glitch with the software. Must be loads of hours racked up. Talk about getting your money's worth... and still enjoying the games! Still using the same computer, too. It's just too comfortable to give up!." - Terri Anderson, Great Britain

SolSuite Solitaire is the best game on the market. If you cannot find a game to play over and over in this suite then you are not looking. Great suite to own." - Jan Goodman, U.S.

I can't remember any game I've ever played on computer as often and as enjoyably as SolSuite Solitaire. It's so much fun, in fact, that my friends and I, each in our own homes, pick a game number and on "Go!" we play to see who is fastest. I've played other companies' games, and they were okay. But I always, and I mean ALWAYS return to SolSuite. It's fair. It's not rigged. It LOWERS my anxiety while other games at other places raise it. I cannot say strongly enough how HIGHLY I RECOMMEND this. It is truly the cornerstone of all games I ever play on computer." - Beth Drennan, U.S.

Fantastic Program. Graphics, ease of play, variety next to none. Overall, one of my best buys ever. First downloaded it at least 20 or more years ago. LOVE IT!!!" - Clifford Jones, U.S.

I am having so much fun playing all the different types of Solitaire. The games are challenging and addictive. A cool feature is the statistics which calculates your win and lose percentages. I love the SolSuite Solitaire collection." - Ellen Greenblatt, U.S.

Hello There Everyone! I have to tell you, SolSuite Solitaire always has something new to play or learn. Believe me, just when you think you're at the end of Solitaires to be played, there's a year end download with little bug fixes. I have been playing 'SolSuite' for well over ten years and loved it from the beginning! I still play once or twice a day! Thank you for this unbeatable game!" - Anthony DeMilio, U.S.

I've been playing SolSuite for many years. Love it! Well worth the price because it has solitaire games I can't find anywhere else." - Susan Decker, U.S.

Best solitaire I've ever played. There are so many games to play, when I get tired of one, I have a multitude of other options. Plus, being able to save my favorites makes it easy to pop in for a quick game when I have a few minutes. Very relaxing. Thanks!" - Stacie Callahan, U.S.

I've been using SolSuite Solitaire for since its early days. Over the years I've used some of my favorite games to help me through times of stress. Whenever there are updates, I like to go with them since I've seen the ease of use evolve of these many years. Thanks for being available. I just love using this program. I grew up in a household where I was taught many of these games. The fact that SolSuite includes just about all the forms of solitaire that I grew up with is what has made it special for me." - Linda Benton, U.S.

I have been playing SolSuite Solitaire for a number of years now and I still think it's the best value for money. There is so much variety and the quality has remained consistent. Don't change it - we like it as it is." - Christine Johnson, Great Britain

I greatly enjoy gaming on this site. It helps me fill in the time between jobs. The background colors are numerous and I can change those colors to match my mode. The design of the cards does the same. I like the variety of characters and colors of SolSuite." - Johnny Looper, U.S.

I absolutely love SolSuite Solitaire. I have played all of the games for many years now. There are great card backs and backgrounds to choose from so you can easily ring the changes. I play a few solitaire games every day after work as they help me relax. I can't recommend them enough!!" - Carol Pozzi, Great Britain

I have lots of enjoyment while playing SolSuite. I still have many games I have not played. Never ending new games to play. Best card game on the web." - Charles Seman, U.S.

I am a long user of this game. I like the variety, the almost endless variety. Playing the same game over and over, well, it just doesn't tax the brain properly. I like figuring them out and beating them as I can. Over the years the program has got better and better. I love the large print cards so I can rest my eyes AND play at the same time." - Myra Symons, U.S.

SolSuite est une véritable merveille quant au choix absolument fantastique de jeux de carte. En matière de patiences ou de solitaires, SolSuite est le plus convivial, le plus élégant et le plus complet, si on le compare à tous se concurents. Bravo à tous les artisans responsables de sa conception et de sa réalisation." - Pierre Brousseau, Canada

I have several favorite Solitaire Games and play them EVERY day. I play SolSuite without fail every day. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK." - LaDene Johnson, U.S.

In 4 years of playing freecell, I amassed over 8,000 wins with only 50 loses. I have over 1,400 straight wins and 20 "favorites" that I play. From 1 to 10, SolSuite is a solid 10!." - Kenneth L. Brinkman, U.S.

When my stress level goes beyond normal endurance and I need to check out, Spider 4 decks is my tranquilizer and brain exerciser of choice. Casket is another favorite and I have only scratched the surface of all the games. I look forward to my SolSuite evening at the end of a busy day." - Sandra Chatelain, U.S.

Have been playing SolSuite for 20 years or more, and never tired of them." - Barry MacLeod, Australia

I love playing SolSuite Solitaire on here. There are so many choices there is NO way to be bored. Graphics are first rate and game plays smoothly. Have found no kinks or problem areas in any game. It plays like it is supposed to! It is a great bargain for the price." - Wanda Bunk, U.S.

Just a little concentrating on this Solitaire [FreeCell] goes a long ways in relaxing me in the morning and at night before bedtime... Thanks for all the effort that you have put into making this a great game..." - Rodney Burns, U.S.

Amazing range of games. Very good interface - pleasant, convenient and non-intrusive. Many games (e.g. Sea Towers, Bisley, Flower Garden, Stalactites, Beleaguered Castle, FreeCell) have no hidden cards and can be played as puzzles. Unlimited undo-redo facilitates this and makes it enjoyable. Worth paying for, if you are a Solitaire fan." - Swaminathan Natarajan, India

I like all the abundant variety of SolSuite. I like to play different games and see how I do. It's completely worth the price." - Myra Symons, U.S.

My wife and I both love playing SolSuite Solitaire in the afternoon, while listening to the radio. We love the updates we are allowed, and if you ever need customer assistance, these folks are so quick and always go the extra mile!" - Chris Normandeau, Canada

Great games, great way to relax and great company. Bought a new computer and the games did not transfer over to it. The company resent it to me at no charge and I was good to go. Bravo!" - Glenn Crabbe, U.S.

I love the variety of solitaire games included with this suite. Monte Carlo is great fun as is the Monte Carlo 13. I enjoy playing Monaco and appreciate how each game is broken down to include chances of winning; length of time needed to complete each game; and it keeps score of each game you play. There is nothing else that compares to The SolSuite Solitaire." - Ellen Greenblatt, U.S.

I have been playing SolSuite Solitaire for many years. There have been no computer glitches in all these years. I've had occasions to contact Customer Support after replacing a computer, and the folks there were quick to answer my questions. You have a great deal of control as to how you prefer to play your game. I highly recommend it for all ages." - Barbara Brannon, U.S.

I love SolSuite - I have for years. I recently updated, and it's wonderful! I'm able to customize a few games that I felt were too challenging. It's all so addictive; I can play for hours. One of my favorite games is Interregnum. I think that in all of the years I played it, I won just once or twice, but it doesn't matter. I can't customize it - but I still play it over and over again. And that's how much I love SolSuite!" - Deborah Marotta, U.S.

Lost my computer last month... 1st thing I did with my new one was to re-purchase SolSuite Solitaire... With all craziness in world today SolSuite is the one place I can escape to keep my mental peace... I come from a long line of card playing family... So many problems or emergencies were solved over a game or two. SolSuite helps me with my knowledge, sharpness & learning of people & the world around me...Thank you very much." - Robert Glazer, Canada

Hundreds of solitaires to try, plus dozens of backgrounds, card faces and backs. I like to switch out cards for seasons, holidays and just to cheer up. Plus lots of great features, like optional auto-play, detailed game instructions and statistics. I've been playing for years and it's hands-down my favorite virtual card game. Excellent!" - Stacie Callahan, U.S.

Je joue a des différents jeux de SolSuite depuis plus de 10 ans. Ce sont des super jeu à un prix très avantageux. Je lui donne bien cinq étoiles car pour moi il couvre très bien toutes les bases d’un jeu de cartes solitaire. Plus de 700 jeux pour s'amuser et faire travailler le cerveaux. C'est excellent et super amusant." - Ursula Moser - France

I play SolSuite Solitaire since more than 10 years ago. This one is state of the art games created to enhance our skills of intelligence, memory, and mind management." - Bernardo Lazaro Wesler, Argentina

I greatly enjoy playing SolSuite games which vary from long and impossible to quite easy and short, according to mood, competence and time available." - Anne Smith, Great Britain

Tons of good games, lots of options on backgrounds and card designs. Hints if you need them. Good stats. You can view how hard each game is, the average amount of time it takes, what the percentage is of solving. I've had this program for many years; whenever something happens to my computer and I lose my programs, I always look up Solitaire Suite and download it again. I've tried other sets, none of them as complete and with as many options." - Patricia Francoeur, U.S.

SolSuite is a great game at a great price. I give it a solid five stars. I think it pretty well covers all the bases for a solitaire card game. 760+ solitaire card games in the collection, plus you can pick from a variety of card faces, backs, and backgrounds. What more could you ask for?" - Richard Weeks, U.S.

SolSuite is the most trustworthy and satisfying Solitaire collection I've found for my Windows PC - much better than the apps from the Microsoft Store. I've been a customer for years, starting with the MahJong Suite, when I still had Windows XP. Such a rich collection of games, at quite a low price: not a subscription but a purchase, can be played off-line." - Virginia F Purvis, U.S.

I like SolSuite, it's necessary to concentrate, to remember and to combine. So there is a very good training for people. It is never boring because every game is different. Thanks for all that." - Dr. Monika Baar, Austria

SolSuite is the best windows solitaire game on the planet." - Christopher Dunmore, U.S.

Been playing SolSuite Solitaire since 2006. It's like listening to songs without words. And, if music is food of love, SolSuite Solitaire is enjoyment of life, PLAY ON." - Tian Min Jack See, Singapore

I love playing SolSuite and with so many different types I never get bored. THANK YOU and keep up the good work." - Elmer Van Gorder, U.S.

SolSuite Solitaire is giving my wife and I more enjoyment than we ever realized. Thank You." - Lawrence Weiss, U.S.

The beauty of SolSuite is, that there is something GOOD for everybody. I am playing it for many decades now, and will do so for many more decades." - Horst Fritz Krueger, Canada

SolSuite is great; over 60,000 game played and still love it." - Allen Lively, U.S.

I love playing my SolSuite Solitaire! The format, design and game options are great. These games offer a nice break from my work time spent on the computer! - Mary Ann Steinhauer, U.S.

Your wonderful choice of solitaires will appeal to many players. Personally I am trying to keep an average as high as possible on Klondike four desks. Best Health to all the team behind that colossal game." - Frederick Turgeon, Canada

Rich in features and superior in performance. FreeCell is a pleasure, Klondike is enough to try a person's soul. Enjoy them all." - Robert Provost, U.S.

Simple, flexible, customizes to perfection, and it calms and relaxes me to play the one game I love and only SolSuite brings it the way I love it." - Michael Tompkins, U.S.

I greatly enjoy playing SolSuite games which vary from long and impossible to quite easy and short, according to mood, competence and time available." - Anne Smith, Great Britain

These SolSuite card games are tops. I bought it for both of my computers. I wouldn't go anywhere without SolSuite. I never get bored." - Dorothy Rudnick, U.S.

I've been playing this game for over 10 yrs. Just updated to the new version. Looked at lots of other games to compare SolSuite. None of them came close to SolSuite for me. Visually it is the tops! I love SolSuite Solitaire!" - Paul Maddox, U.S.

I love SolSuite. I mostly play Forty Thieves with 4 decks. Most challenging game I've ever played. I’m addicted to it even I rarely ever win. My best yet in one month is three wins so far this month. Aiming higher." - Patricia Fitzgerald, U.S.

I enjoy doing the solitaire games and having so many to choose from. I do have my favorites, but will try doing new ones as well. Many thanks for all the games, keep new ones coming." - Margaret Wood, New Zealand

These SolSuite card games are tops. I bought it for both of my computers. I wouldn't go anywhere without SolSuite. I never get bored." - Dorothy Rudnick, U.S.

Tons of good games, lots of options on backgrounds and card designs. Hints if you need them. Good stats. You can view how hard each game is, the average amount of time it takes, what the percentage is of solving. I've had this program for many years; whenever something happens to my computer and I lose my programs, I always look up Solitaire Suite and download it again. I've tried other sets, none of them as complete and with as many options." - Patricia Francoeur, U.S.

I am impressed with you and your organizations Customer focus: Not the norm these days. Based on your attention to my plight, I will be purchasing the SolSuite today." - Rob Taylor, Australia

I and my wife play SolSuite every day since more than 20 years. We play the classic solitaire and are very satisfied with the game." - Björn Hedengran, Sweden

During this world wide pandemic, computer games was one avenue of relieving frustration. My wife and I both play various games extensively. To our horror, our computer had to be rebuilt. TreeCardGames were magnificent in their support. They provided links, additional instructions etc. virtually by return email. I can thoroughly recommend their games and support to anybody who may just be "thinking about" downloading the package. DO IT NOW, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!." - John Douglas, Australia

I have enjoyed SolSuite for about twelve years, it helps me relax after work or when I just need to relax. SolSuite has a wider selection of games then most sites and I highly recommend it to the card players out there." - Melissa Wrightson, U.S.

SolSuite is a wonderful product. Once it gets going, it never stops. I have played thousands of games with it. You have no idea how much time I spend with my games... good companion and keeps the brain working!." - Ella Marlene Norman, U.S.

Très beaux graphismes, choix nombreux d'apparences, une multitude de jeux de solitaire, de quoi s'occuper pendant des heures. A prendre sans hésitation." - Jean Pierre Morisset, France

I have used SolSuite for more than a decade on a couple of computers.I really love it. I had an issue moving it to a new computer because my key was for an older version; when I emailed support I had a link to download that older version for my new computer the next day. Great customer support. I play a couple of games of solitaire everyday with SolSuite. It's great to be able to save a list of your favorite games too." - Simpson Gilbert, Canada

SolSuite Solitaire is my favorite card games to play. I like the choice of cards, backgrounds and games. The fact that I can put in my own pictures and make the cards & backgrounds unique. I like classic Spider, Penguin & especially Crazy Quilt.Anyone who tries your SolSuite Solitaire will be satisfied with its look and how smooth it plays. I play my SolSuite every day. Thank You for all the enjoyment!" - Oleta LeVangie, U.S.

SolSuite is an excellent past time and also a mind re-freshener. These games make you think and, when win, you get thrilled. But all games are not as easy as one would have imagined. We have to really struggle to win all games. If one gets 30% success of win rate, you are really a good thinker." - Raghupathy Rajamani, India

I love the many games I can play with SolSuite without having to pay for each game. I never knew that there were so many solitaire games out there." - Robin Kennedy, U.S.

This is a *Fantastic* compilation of games. I grew up playing solitaire with my family, and SolSuite has games I've never even heard of! I've been a subscriber for years now. One such game is Rouge Et Noir (Red and Black). I am obsessed with it, and have never found it on any other app. I have no idea why this isn't as big as Spider, it is so addicting! So I wanted to share that while writing this review. Totally worth a few bucks not to deal with ads!!!" - Lysa Ferrone, U.S.

I've succeeded to purchase SolSuite thru your site. I'm very pleased with the communication with your company. The games are great and I play them almost every day." - Walter Baechelen, U.S.

Plenty of good games included. You can set up a list of your favorites and visit them as often as you like, if you prefer to play in that way, or you can select to play a random game, or a "Game of the Day", so you're never short of variety. The game background and even the card design can be chosen too - you could play a different game on a different scheme for a very long time, without ever getting bored." - Irene M. Redpath, Great Britain

Quite simply the best solitaire game on the net. A huge range of games, from easy and relaxing to fiendishly difficult to win. Very good options menu as well which allows for a unique look and feel to the games. I have been a fan of SolSuite Solitaire for many years now - too long to remember - but that tells you just how captivating this suite of games is and I've still not got through all the offerings. Highly recommended and it's not much to pay for hours of entertainment (and frustration at times!!!)." - William King, Great Britain


As far as I am concerned, this is best solitaire software (SolSuite) I have every used. Easy to install, updates, and ability to customize are only a few of the best things about this software. Highly recommend." - Bill Ison, U.S.

LOVE IT!!!!!!! am visually impaired but the cards can be made large or small... your choice!! Everything from easy to hard... you can set up your own group of favorites. The "help" section describing the game can't be beat for clarity. The techs can be contacted by email should you need further info that you can't find in "help". Whoever started this has saved this person's life. Between my Kindle Ereader and SolSuite Solitaire, I am a Happy Camper." - Barbara Highlander, U.S.

I have been playing SolSuite for years and years but I still play it every day. It keeps the little great cells active as Hercule Poirot would say. Please keep on producing it. Thank you for the enjoyment I am having." - Moira Lennox, Great Britain

SolSuite is an enjoyable game with a tremendous number of solitaire game choices. Graphics are very good. The game as a whole is viewer friendly!" - Frank Nechvatal, U.S.

I love playing SolSuite solitaire. It's A great Way to keep your mind active. I just wish I knew how to play more of the games I do not know the rules or the game play. Thank you." - Warren Benstead, Australia

I love SolSuite Solitaire. I have been playing since about 2003. When I have moved and changed computers I have always bought SolSuite Solitaire to put on my new computer. I have never gotten bored playing SolSuite Solitaire because they have such a variety of games and you can learn new card games very easily!" - Kathy Kral, U.S.

Seit 2007 habe ich SolSuite installiert. Es ist die vollständigste, beste und graphisch schönste Kartenspiel-Sammlung die ich kenne." - Dorothy Rudnick, U.S.

SolSuite is an excellent game play and lots of options to choose. I like a wild card in my games and this offers lots of other possibilities. I've had it for many years and I try to learn new games because this app makes it easy." - Dorothy Rudnick, U.S.

These SolSuite card games are tops. I bought it for both of my computers. I wouldn't go anywhere without SolSuite. I never get bored." - Dorothy Rudnick, U.S.