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Thank you! Outstanding customer service! Impressive! I've played SolSuite for a long time now and enjoy it a lot - - great customer service makes recommending these to my friends and easy thing! Thanks again...
— Donald Barnhart, U.S.

I have to thank you for helping me. Both my wife and I play so much SolSuite that we would be lost without it. So, thanks again.
— Alan Hazelwood, Spain

Thank you very much for having answered so fast to my request. This is what I call super quality service. Everything working fine now. I am very happy. It is a real pleasure to deal with serious companies like TreeCardGames. Best regards from Switzerland.
— René Astori, Switzerland

You guys have done a terrific job in setting and updating SolSuite. The games are terrific, easy to follow... Easy to play. This is the only one I used for all my gaming.
— Carlos Rivera, U.S.

Thank you very much for your help. It is far from usual to get that really perfect support. Thanks a lot again. I will surely enjoy playing SolSuite from now on again. It's been several years that I played your game and I'm really happy to have it again installed on my machine. In Germany, where I live one says - If you where satisfied with our service/product/ help and so on, tell it others, if your not, tell it us. So It's on you to tell others, that I'm really happy with your support.
— Walter Oswald, Germany

I have your games and I love them. Thanks a whole heap for your great software... I do indeed love to play some of them.... keep up your great work. SolSuite is a great product!
— Faye Carson, U.S.

I am a long time user - started in 2006 - I have now the latest version - very satisfied. Thank you customer support (tech support) for your fast responses. Very appreciated, particularly if I have been working all day to rebuild the computer back to the way it was (before I had to reformat) and your mail comes JUST at the correct time. Please add this HUGE thank you to the comments in the newsletter so everyone can see how much I appreciate your prompt and helpful assistance. Best game on-line!
— Roni Hermony, Israel

Thanks a million, you guys are the best. Thanks for being such a wonderful support service, you guys get my vote for THE BEST!
— Jerry Ericsson, U.S.

I have already purchased 2 copies of SolSuite. Thanks for the wonderful offer. A great deal for me and it is really appreciated!!! I would rate your company as highly as I would rate the games. I am really please with the quality of your products and also by the company 'going the extra mile' to help its new clients.
— Lynne Davies, Australia

I’m your customer for quite some time now. Since 2008 to be precise. My wife, who actually plays SolSuite and MahJong like hell, loves it. Every couple of years I buy the latest release. So my wife and I hope you’ll “live” at least another 19 years and wish you all the best. Great work! Please keep it up!
— Silvia and Michael Pelletier, Germany

I love my SolSuite and Mahjong Suite games and the fabulous support provided for these products is a big part of why I love them.
— Alan Beaubien, U.S.

All set thanks to your quick responses. My wife is delighted, so guess what- so am I. I’d recommend your company to anyone!
— Dick Cutler, U.S.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all your help. I am now back in my 7th. heaven. For the excellent service that you have given me I will carry on recommending SolSuite to all my family and friends.
— Brian Everett, United Kingdom

I have your games and I love them. SolSuite is a great product. I do indeed love to play some solitaires... keep up your great work.
— Faye Carson, U.S.

As a longtime user I want to say thank you for hours of fun and brain challenge with SolSuite.
— Roni Hermony, Israel

I love SolSuite and tell all my friends about it and your website!! Anyone who likes solitaire must get this one!! You will love it too!
— David Reynolds, U.S.

I have been remiss in conveying to your team my appreciation for such a wonderful product (SolSuite).
— John Langer, Australia

Thank you very much for your support. I hope I will get as much fun out of this as I have from SolSuite over many years. Thank you for excellent products.
— Barbara Bannister, United Kingdom

Your service is above any other that I have tried to use. Me and my wife love the games (SolSuite) and I really appreciate your help. We are and will remain long time customers because of you. Thanks again.
— Harold Stitch, U.S.

Soy usuario de este programa (SolSuite) desde hace muchos años y siempre me ha gustado y lo uso todos los días en casa y el trabajo... Felicitaciones por su programa !!!
— Fernando Larrañaga, Spain

SolSuite is my favorite game. I cannot explain but I count on this game to Relax me. I am a young 74 year old (LOL) and absolutely adore the game. Thanks for all your professional help. Hugs!
— Judith Schreiber, U.S.

I love SolSuite and tell all my friends about it and your website!! Anyone who likes solitaire must get this one!! They will love it too!
— David Reynolds, U.S.

I do like SolSuite and I always upgrade. Every so often I teach myself a new game. I really like the Barcarolle. My husband and I play a lot, I make a point of teaching myself a new game on a regular basis. Yigal likes Freecell - 4 decks. Thank you SolSuite!
— Roni Hermony, Israel

Thank you for your prompt reply. I did what you advised and must say it works perfectly. TreeCardGames support is excellent -- please keep up the good work. Good customer service should always be appreciated!
— Don Hejlik - U.S.

I just upgraded to the latest version of SolSuite Solitaire. I love the software and will keep it forever. You have a great program, and I heartily endorse it.
— William Burwitz, U.S.

Jeg koser med kabaler. Jeg er glad jeg har SolSuite!
— Tor Thjømøe, Norway

Just a quick note to say "THANK YOU" everything appears to be working well now. I wish all support teams could be this straight forward. LOL.
— Chris Grassie, Great Britain

SolSuite is so addictive! I keep on playing Alexander the Great... The games work wonderfully, never a hitch, so do keep up the good work!
— Ulrika Ransjo, Sweden

I would like to thank you for your assistance and the trouble you have gone to help me out. It is a very rare occurrence these days and your service is greatly appreciated
— John Godden, Australia

Great game SolSuite, I would recommend it to everyone!
— Peter MacDonald, Great Britain

An excellent programme with many different varieties of patience. I have been playing SolSuite since your earliest days and have now upgraded to a much later version and love all the new features. Excellent real customer service with queries promptly answered. Thank you for many hours of great puzzling.
— Margaret Norah, France

I just want to say thank you for all you help. As I just bought a new computer and was having great difficulty getting my SolSuite transferred but with your help I am happily back up and running. The help I have received shows just how much you value your users.
— Brian Ward, Great Britain

Thank you for a wonderful product - we have spent numerous hours playing various games. We have used SolSuite for over 10 years and it has always been a very reliable source! Keep up the good work!
— Don Hejlik, U.S.

SolSuite Solitaire has been my favorite solitaire for many years. Your graphics are stunning. I am a solitaire addict, and I’ve seen all kinds of solitaire, but SolSuite Solitaire is the best. I highly recommend it. Thanks.
— Sherman Smith, U.S.

I do so much appreciate the support and help. SolSuite has sustained me through many a difficult time and I feel an electronic kinship with you folks. Have a very good day from a very loyal user."
— David J. Wyner, U.S.

I love SolSuite, it's one of my favorite apps. I never imagined your customer service was ACES!!! (pun intended). Signed, A very happy customer.
— Karen Rehkoph, Canada

I have been using your SolSuite Solitaire app for many years. It is the best card game that I ever used. Please keep up the good work.
— Chris Dowling, Ireland

I was setting up a new computer and would like to reinstall SolSuite. I emailed you and a similar comment on 16 different programs I closed on my computer, and you are the only Company that actually made it EASY for me to reinstall on the new computer - you sent me this without me requesting it or having to hunt it down :-) I just wanted to say thank you. I have had a version of your games since the earliest versions - and I love them :-)
— Joyce Deer, U.S.

I want to thank you for the wonderful Customer Service! I am enjoying the SolSuite very much. My favorite game is 'Royal Garden' but will try all.
— Don Town, Canada

We are exceptionally pleased with SolSuite and continuing support and upgrades at great value. My Partner has now used your program happily for many years :-) Great way to get a perhaps 'not really tech savvy person', comfortable with a 'computer'! Thanks again, for a great product, that keeps my Man happy.
— Joyce Smith, Australia

— Alice M. Hubert, U.S.

Love SolSuite, the graphics, card layouts, amount of options and everything else that goes with it, especially the cost and keeps my brain up and running.
— William Mehl, U.S.

Hi folks... Just needed to say that my 'Klondike Solitaire' is much appreciated. It is the greatest 'stress-buster' that I have. Should you be able to check on how many games I play, DAILY. Even on holiday in Spain, I would prefer to sit in my hotel room and quietly play SolSuite, rather than go out. Thank you SO much to all the team for making it possible. Cheers.
— Bryan Soulsby, United Kingdom

I love playing SolSuite. Thank You once again for your games!
— Mary L. Smith, U.S.

I think SolSuite is the best solitaire; ever.
— Dejan Puskarevic, Slovenia

I had emailed your company about an issue, and this morning -- to my pleasant surprise -- I received an email with the answer, and now I'm happily playing SolSuite again. I must say that it's quite unusual for a software company to be as proactive as you have been. That's very nice and I appreciate it.
— Richard McKee, U.S.

I'm impressed with the exceptional quality of SolSuite Solitaire and am spreading the word among my friends and family.
— Donna Hensley, U.S.

SolSuite is a wonderful game and your guys support team are great. I'm more than willing to support companies that provide good products and service. There is no better marketing than actually doing a good job.
— Rafael Almeida, Brazil

I just upgraded! I depend on your SolSuite Solitaire for my sanity most days. Thank you for this quality product.
— Allen Bragan, U.S.

Straightening out some pc issues, and now that that is resolved it is back to the best, SolSuite, which I just upgraded. Mahalo nui loa for creating and sharing your games with us.
— Elizabeth Alakai, U.S.

All downloaded and installed. I love playing SolSuite. Thank you so much
— George Davies, Great Britain

Every day when I come home from work the first thing I choose to do is sit down and play a game or two of solitaire (SolSuite) before I have to start my nightly chores. I really have fun playing your games! Thank you!
— Loretta Woodward, U.S.

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October 10, 2019

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