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I have been enjoying your game (SolSuite) since it first came out. I just want you to know how much I have appreciated your always quick response to my questions and problems. It's a wonderful game and your service is fantastic. THANK YOU!!!!!!
— Judd Mclevey, U.S.

Thanks so much to all of you, you are the GREATEST!! I will continue to recommend you to all my solitaire junkie friends! You may use my comments in the New York Times and on NBC/ABC/CBS if you would like!! I think your company has gone above and beyond with my situations - TWICE - and you didn't even blink!
— Robin Couch, U.S.

Thank you for taking the time to answer me. I did what you said and it worked wonderfully. Thank you again: what a great company!
— Patricia Rath, U.S.

I enjoy SolSuite and I have found this to be therapeutic. Yours is the ONLY game that I have on my computer.  Your Solitaire totally fills the bill for me.
— Richard P Junghans, U.S.

SolSuite is the best game ever and the support is second to none. You are the tops.
— Daphne Bradley, United Kingdom

Thank you for very much! Your support matches the outstanding quality of your product!
— Charles Codling, U.S.

I really enjoy SolSuite. I also know other solitaire programs, but there is no comparison. This SolSuite has a nice surface and it is exclusive and convenient for me.
— Ipek Oezgen, Germany

I downloaded SolSuite this week, and have already gotten so much pleasure from it. Thanks for having such a good product.
— Patricia Ebbe, U.S.

Is there anyone I can tell how Great your are to SolSuite customers? I would love to write to the powers that be just what a wonderful employee they have. I've worked in customer service for many years and I know that it isn't always easy. You have some of the most artistic decks and backgrounds of any games I've played or seen. Just a Very Happy Customer.
— Martha T Lentz, U.S.

Thanks once again for your continuing support. I am totally impressed with your product (SolSuite) and support. Many thanks again for both.
— Don Cohn, U.S.

After playing SolSuite on a friends machine I decided to buy this software. And I am so happy I did. I love spider 1 suit and play it every morning over my coffee. Thank you for a great, colorful and most configurable (easy on the wallet) card game. SolSuite is simply the best in card games.
— Paul Brouillette, Canada

This is the best game I have ever purchased. It is beautifully constructed, easy to use, full featured, and very, very, very well behaved on my PC. Thank You for creating such a wonderful product.
— Bob Taylor, U.S.

I have just received an activation code of an older version of SolSuite and it's OK. I'm very glad and I want to tell you that your games and mahjong games are really super. Thanks a lot. Of course you can use my comments. It will be a pleasure.
— Evelyne Lecot, France

Just a quick note to say thank you for your most helpful advice. It worked the first try. I have always said that SolSuite was the very best computer based solitaire games I have ever seen and you are still number one! Just another example of your respect and appreciation of the customer. Thanks again and keep up the great work!
— Glen Underwood, Canada

I would like to take the time to tell you how much I appreciate your help. There are a lot of companies who could learn from you. When it comes to help most of them after they get your money don't give a damn if they help you. Again thank you for your help.
— Carl Webb, U.S.

Félicitations à vous tous pour la qualité que vous apportez au graphisme et à la stabilité de vos logiciels.
— Michel Micaud, France

I want to thank you so much y'all are the nicest bunch of folks I have dealt with. Thanks a million.
— Barbara Swim, U.S

Thank you so much; not only for your wonderful help but for the best solitaire game ever made! I've never played a better game than the one your company created.
— Beth Essington, U.S.

Just downloaded and bought the new version of SolSuite. I just had to tell you, boy, was I playing in the dark ages with the other one you helped me get going. I love the new one and thanks for the extra graphics. It works great and fast too! Thanks!
— Bonnie Giovannangelo, U.S.

I have to say that at all of you at SolSuite are going out of your way to help me. Apart from being totally impressed, I am very very grateful.
— Val Rounsley, United Kingdom

I'm very pleased with your product (SolSuite). It's a great way to spend some spare minutes.
— Sten Wennberg, Sweden

First let me thank you for the wonderful support you have given me. The fact that I'm now up and running is nice. What's nicer is your caring and concern. It's extremely hard these days to find caring people who represent caring companies. Once again, it's greatly appreciated. I've managed to get all my programs back in after a horrific episode. One shareware program has the same problem. The difference between your company and theirs is that they don't respond to my letters. Once again thanks for your kindness and support. Companies like yours are a rare breed.
— Melvyn Block, U.S.

I have now successfully loaded SolSuite, and am now happy that I can play all my favourite games. I would also like to take this opportunity to say what a great site this is! I have recommended SolSuite to many of my friends. My family shares the pleasure of the games whenever I am willing to allow them time on the computer. I'm not really that bad to them! With a product as good as yours it's a great idea to let as many people know how much the games are appreciated by those who have the pleasure of owning SolSuite. Once again, Many Thanks.
— Richard Daniels, United Kingdom

I have read comments about SolSuite's great support team and now I have actual proof. It works and you are great problems solvers! Thanks for your outstanding help.
— Patricia Mauck, U.S.

We love your product and don't miss a chance to tell people about it. You guys did a great job and should get business for it.
— Tina M. Redden-Mappin, U.S.

Thank you for sending me the link from which I have downloaded the pack – it's fantastic. All member of my family is quite ecstatic. For example: SolSuite was played always by my wife and myself...
— Eli Ben David, Israel

I just wanted to tell you that this was one of the best gifts bought for my dad. He loves it so much. Thank you so much for making dad's life so much the better. And, thank you for your excellent customer service!
— Anton Lasich, South Africa

I just wanted to thank you for getting back to me quickly regarding my problem with SolSuite. This makes a big impact on me buying more games from you since I know I can trust your company and will get good tech support if I have a problem. I have downloaded latest version of SolSuite now and it is working great. There are so many people who buy products from companies on the Internet, only to be taken advantage of because the company has their money and they don't care whether the customer is satisfied or not. It's nice to buy from a company like yours who takes care of their customers and doesn't ignore their customers if they happen to run into any problems. I would like for people to know that they can buy your products with confidence. Again, thank you very much and I know I will enjoy this game and also be buying more games from you.
— Kathy Owen, U.S.

I have been using SolSuite for about five years and up till now have had no problems! So of course one wonders what kind of support to expect. I'm please to say the support is very good. I have tried other similar programs but always come back to SolSuite. Thank you.
— Peter Collins, Canada

Just LOVE this game! I have played cards all my life and reckon this is the BEST I've ever seen.
— Colleen Woolley, Australia

The product (SolSuite) of your company is superb and the service is wonderful. You have already helped me 2 times: 4 years ago, while I was in Australia, and now-while I am in Brazil. Your company is a true model for Excellency.
— Gabi Fire, Brazil

Thank you for the opportunity to support a great product. This is one of the best game/products online. I tell everyone about it!
— Margaret Sampson, U.S.

SolSuite is THE premier game available on the market today!!!! Keep up the great work.
— Jay Graham, U.S.

Thank you for your reply. It is so nice to deal with a company that takes care of it's customers.
— Annette Ingram, U.S.

Thank you from the one who plays the game the most. SolSuite is a great source of relaxation for me. Again thank you.
— Ellen Y, U.S.

SolSuite is very easy to install. I've tried other games but none of them were as easy to figure out as this one. Recommended!
— Peter Rutledge, United Kingdom

Whoa! You guys are real great and helpful. I wish more support teams were as prompt and efficient as you. Thanks again.
— Anyesa Thomas, U.S.

I downloaded SolSuite and ended up with three of us around the computer. I found myself spending hours playing the games. More fun and challenging than a lot of similar types of solitaire games. SolSuite is for the whole family! Awesome!
— Jeanne Hoffman, U.S.

Thank you so much. It's very good. I love SolSuite. I just can't go away from it. It's most satisfaction. Lookin' forward to receive more exciting solitaires from you.
— Svein Lefsaker, Norway

This is neither a request or a complaint but rather a big thank you for your wonderful support. I had troubles with my computer, had to buy another and you guys were prompt and on the job in an incredible amount of time. I just wanted to say thanks for the great games, for your technical support and great help.
— Carolyn Kilian, Australia

Hi there. I would like to e-mail you about SolSuite as I do enjoy it very much also thank you and keep up the good work.
— Elizabeth Kennedy, U.K.

Great program. If you are a beginner or an expert, SolSuite is the best choice.
— Richard J. Moore, U.S.

I am amazed at your service, at your constant updates and instant replies! Thank you so much for the help and support. You are a main stay at our house everyday. All is well when "SolSuite is working!!!!!!!! Thank you for being there. I will always recommend you to our game playing friends.
— Julie Tyler, U.S.

I just want to tell you that SolSuite gets better and better. And latest version is no exception!! Keep up the good work
— Chris Dowling, Ireland

Thanks for your prompt reply to my query, the support is excellent just like SolSuite itself. Since I joined the many SolSuite fans in I have had many hours of pleasure and along with your frequent updates of more additional games there are always new challenges. It is a pleasure to deal with a company that sets itself such high standards in Products & Support.
— Stanley Salt, United Kingdom

I just wanted to tell you folks that I REALLY enjoy SolSuite... I probably play at least 2 hours a day... mostly more. Thank you!!
— Carol Zimmerman, U.S.

I have never encountered software so well supported and so faithfully updated. You folks obviously take great pride in the quality of your product... a rare thing these days! I'm nominating you folks for a Nobel Peace Prize... If more people played SolSuite, it would be a better world. Many Thanks.
— Nicholas O'Beirn, Canada

We've been using SolSuite extensively at our house -- our favorites are Pyramid & Klondike -- and we feel that it is much better than any solitaire program that Windows could provide. Thanks again.
— Paul Holliday, U.S.

SolSuite calms my nerves after a hard day at work. It is a wonderful way to relax. I love it, it is my friend.
— Carrie Peoples, U.S.

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SolSuite 2020's latest version 20.1
January 10, 2020

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