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Thank you so much for the fast response to my problem, some other websites don't even have an email address where they can be contacted when you have a problem and others take forever to respond. I love SolSuite and play it often.
— Anthony Fraser, Australia

Your games are great, enjoy playing them, and the options leave nothing to be desired.
— Peter Marshall, Canada

Thank you so much for your VERY prompt and courteous service in responding to my request for assistance. In today's world, it is rare to find such caring and quality customer service. You are to be commended for providing the best for those who enjoy the SolSuite games so much. Excellent customer service! Gratefully.
— Elizabeth M. Foster, U.S.

Thank you all very much. My daughter and I are both enjoying SolSuite, and she is enjoying it more than me. Thanks a lot guys, keep it up.
— Michael Squires, Canada

I have been a customer with you now for several years and have had a lot of good uses of a lot of games, please keep them coming. SolSuite has been a boon for my wife and myself for relaxing after a frustrating day. The game of cards that you supply gets us cooled down and relaxed again. Thank you for your support.
— Clive Lambert, Great Britain

Thank you once again for all your help, and a big Thank you for a wonderful set of games (SolSuite Solitaire) that My Husband and I love playing. You may use my comments, I hope it will help many people to find your wonderful site.
— Elizabeth May, Great Britain

May God bless SolSuite Team for giving me lots of wonderful moments playing solitaire games and mahjong games.
— Roberto Mendoza, Mexico

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I certainly appreciate your prompt reply and help -- in today's atmosphere of no customer service, it is truly a pleasure to deal with a company who understands, "customers are what keep us alive".
— Debra Lipscomb, U.S.

Features I like most in SolSuite Solitaire are: excellent, clear, uncluttered cards and backgrounds. Lovely animations, not overdone or obtrusive. Good controls for options. Beautiful to see and watch. Vibrant colours and artistic designs. Size options. Many excellent choices of games and images. Far better than others. When I switched to a Macbook Pro, I installed Parallels, for using SolSuite (Windows). When my Mac applications don't require constant input, I play SolSuite on the same screen!
— Helen Black, Canada

Thanks for your prompt and helpful reply to my query regarding card size. I have just got a new computer and purchased and downloaded the latest version of SolSuite. I still have an earlier version on my old p.c. I'm very grateful for products like yours which keep the little grey cells working. Terrific value for money. Thanks again.
— Bert Tromans, Great Britain

I just want to congratulate you on a wonderful product (SolSuite). I absolutely love the smiley face card set, it does bring a smile to all! In these tough economic times, this product can bring a smile to all at a reasonable price. Thank you for this fabulous game!
— Sue Colford, U.S.

I have to let the SolSuite team know that I thoroughly enjoy playing SolSuite. It is a daily habit!! I have my favorites: 3 deck Scorpion, Spider and 4 deck Forty Thieves. I was told about SolSuite by a friend. SolSuite has been my "friend" ever since! Your team has certainly "upscaled" the game since I first signed on ... and the graphics and card selection really enhance the games for me.
— Marion Amer, U.S.

Thanks again for your help, everything is just working fine now and we are back in business. I really appreciate your assistance and the A1 customer service you are providing.
— Walter Raeth, Germany

Thank you sooo much. I work most of the time and SolSuite is my pleasure. Thanks again. You will never know how much I appreciate what you have done. I will pass along a real good word for your company thanks to your hard work.
— Deborah Reynolds, Canada

Every time I have emailed a question about SolSuite, you have addressed my request fully. And Almost every one of those times, I have found that I could have gotten my answer already using your excellent FAQ pages. So... I just wanted to say Thank You for being a really great product with terrific support. But also I wanted it noted that you're so very patient with players like me, and I'm sure I'm not alone, who just rush to fire off a question without taking the time to look around first. Sorry! And thanks again! :D
— Helen Pittard, U.S.

You guys have got something special going there. Outstanding graphics and sounds. In fact, I think you guys should take over and make every single card game, puzzle, board game out there.
— Keith Babby, U.S.

I love SolSuite. The graphics are gorgeous and I love the sound effects... not to mention the huge variety of games. I would like to congratulate you on this game it's fantastic. I also add that your customer service is incredible. I hadn't even asked you guys for a replacement but you sent me the game after I uninstalled due to technical problems. By the way I have reinstalled and used your product keys and I'm up and away with no problems at all... well now I'm off to play SolSuite Solitaire :-) Once again, thank you so much.
— Sue Kelly, Australia

SolSuite is absolutely a brilliant product. Keep the new games coming. Many thanks.
— Peter Burgheim, Australia

Thank you for taking care of my question so quickly, as always you are terrific. I am really addicted to my SolSuite as you can see. Again Thank You.
— Suzette Sweet, U.S.

I want to let you know that of all the games I found on line to use with my new computer I have chosen SolSuite Solitaire because I want to support the way you do business. Thanks for your products and the way you choose to offer them over the internet.
— Frederick A Patchen, U.S.

Having enjoyed SolSuite Solitaire over the years I can honestly say it has saved my sanity on many occasions. Many thanks for the professionalism, helpfulness and friendliness of your support staff definitely adds to the pleasure of using your website and product. By the way, I've installed the new version on to my new computer and love the new look - congratulations. Once again, thanks.
— Susan Williams, Great Britain

SolSuite itself essentially works solid and of course it is by far the best solitaire game around. I do enjoy good and often serious gaming and I always come back to this application of yours which is not only for 'grandmas' but true fun for all ages. I do not know of any of my friends who would not like your games; even traditional non-gamers certainly love it. SolSuite games however are an important addition to the collection of even the most avid gamer (since we all appreciate a good game of solitaire). When coming back from work, more often than I might have expected, I find myself immersed in a SolSuite card game of cards. I believe your games are an important addition to the library of anyone who also calls themselves a gamer. On top of this, it is a clean game, fun for all ages. Congratulations again on a great game series. Keep up the good work!
— Pete Spanos, U.S.

Thanks for all your help. Have enjoyed SolSuite for many years. Nice to have people whom are willing to work with and for you, and fast and accurate.
Yvonne Provencal, U.S.

Thank you so much for your help. I am once again connected to my favourite games of SolSuite, and as usual the staff at TreeCardGames have come up trumps.
— Val Rounsley, U.K.

Your software (SolSuite) gives me always a so great pleasure as at the beginning of its discovery (8 years ago!)
— Daniel Poillion, France

Keep up the great work. I really enjoy SolSuite and think it is THE best solitaire game out - bar none.
— Rudolph Cunningham, U.S.

What a great upgrade - the selection is terrific. Had a great time over the Christmas period playing all the games just what was needed for a "quiet time" after all the hectic events. Have a great New Year with many more upgrades.
— Doreen P. Crook, New Zealand

Ten year SolSuite user. Retired system programmer & developer. SolSuite is the the finest 'game' of it's genre I have ever experienced. No hesitation in recommending to friends and associates.
— Michael Carey, U.S.

I've had SolSuite for years and really appreciate the wonderful upgrades and the brilliant games!
— Nita Peacock, U.S.

Thank you for your speedy and helpful reply. I have installed the upgrade and everything works well now. I love using SolSuite! I especially enjoy the animations. The graphics are clear and a pleasure to use. All the best.
— Helen Black, Canada

I have played your FINE games (SolSuite), almost daily, for many years, and you make the Best Solitaire Games on the planet. Thanks for a great product.
— Phil Edmunds, U.S.

I have to say how well you look after your customers. I have had to contact you on occasions and you have always been very prompt and helpful. I will certainly tell my friends. I love my SolSuite, it brings me much pleasure. Thank you for being professional and friendly.
— Rosanna Ainsworth, United Kingdom

I love SolSuite because I need to keep my brain (as well as my body) active to improve my reasoning ability and my memory. So far, I think it is working for me.
— Patricia Mauck, U.S.

Playing solitaire has never been this much fun. Your graphics are outstanding.
— Stephen Pasion-Caiani, U.S.

I would like to express my congratulations and thanks for the speed with which my little problem is solved. It is always a pleasure to have relationships with companies like yours. My appreciation and my total satisfaction to you for SolSuite.
— Mario Moretti, Italy

I have recently contacted you with a question concerning SolSuite; this is the second time I have had to use your support feature. On both occasions my question has been answered quickly and efficiently and has solved the problem that I had. I would just like to say a big 'Thank You' to everyone concerned. SolSuite, you have a fantastic support team! It comes as a pleasant surprise, and a change, to have a question answered so quickly and efficiently, most web-sites don't seem to bother to answer at all; and if they do it's normally after about a month. I have both SolSuite and MahJong on my p.c., and thoroughly enjoy playing both.
— Rosie Green, Ireland

I appreciate your professionalism, time, patience and excellent customer support immensely. A customer for life.
— Patricia Stone, U.S.

I have installed, tweaked/configured and used a lot of software over the past 30+ years. SolSuite is the most feature rich, easy to use, easy to upgrade application I use. What you just did with the ribbon toolbar option is take the product beyond great!!!! It's a very nice interface that works very well. Thanks !
— Bob Taylor, U.S.

Thank you for contacting me regarding my concerns. I am impressed with your prompt response and even more impressed with the fact that those concerns have been effectively addressed. You have a good product and even more importantly you provide customer focused service. Well done, I am happy to be a part of the wider SolSuite community.
— Gary Bannan, New Zealand

Just wanted to say thank you for SolSuite and recovering my latest purchase for me. In 2006 I purchased SolSuite for the first time, I then upgraded my PC and purchased SolSuite 2009, then I had to have my laptop re-installed and lost my SolSuite 2009. I missed SolSuite and came to the website thinking I would need to purchase again, however I read the FAQ,s and found that if I emailed you you would send me the activation code for the latest version that I had purchased. I am over the moon THANKS SO MUCH! I know I am addicted but it does relax me and I enjoy it so much. Thank you.
— Pam Brooker, Great Britain

Thank you so much for your help. You folks have the best customer service.
— Janae Butler, U.S.

I absolutely love SolSuite. It's the best I've seen, and oh boy is it highly addictive! SolSuite is a huge stress reliever. I stop ever so often to play a quick game to relieve the stress ;) I own your other two games too: MahJong Suite and Sudoku Up.
— Robin Nobles, U.S.

I have loved SolSuite since forever and most of the games it offers. It's an incredible product and I've told all my friends about it!
— Paul Sherman, Australia

I absolutely love this game (SolSuite). I will not, do not, have any other type of solitaire on my computer. I have also downloaded MahJong Suite and Sudoku Up. Your products are great, very relaxing, sometimes very hard but that is fine. So please continue doing the wonderful job that you are. I rank you #1 of all time! Thank you for creating it.
— Michelle Monday, U.S.

Thank you (support team). I appreciate your program (SolSuite) as it enables good sightedness for those optically challenged. Many thanks for your help.
— David Turnbull, Australia

Thank you so much for your quick help, - everything works fine now! I'm always surprised by the great customer support you have. That's really NOT usual! Best regards to the whole team.
— Martina Pein-Schmidtmann, Germany

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your assistance. I will tell others of my very positive experience with you. It is a pleasure to encounter internet merchants with true business ethics and moral business standards.
— Terry Wilson, U.S.

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June 10, 2019

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