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I love SolSuite. With it no other card solitaire apps are ever needed because it has all I could ever want!
— Laurie Krommendijk, Canada

Thank you ever so much, your suggestion worked a treat. Great support, great product SolSuite Solitaire.
— Kevin Jerman, Great Britain

I must thank you for the years of good entertainment you provided and continue to provide with SolSuite Solitaire.
— Burt Brody, U.S.

This is an appreciation for your prompt help and general appreciation for SolSuite. I've been buying SolSuite since at least 2009 (maybe even before that, I can't remember!), and it is the best solitaire software in the world, but most important of all is the service and help you guys give - that is the strongest selling point for any product bought. Thanks again!
— Brian Larter, South Africa

A thousand thanks! The download and installation of SolSuite Solitaire worked perfectly. I am grateful to your company for this extraordinary, super, personal technical support. No wonder your program is in such high demand. Again, thank you.
— Guy de Puyjalon, Canada

SolSuite is probably the best thing I have ever purchased and I spend many happy hours playing on it.
— Pat J. Dearman, Great Britain

SolSuite has the Best Setup that I have ever seen and I want you to know that I really enjoy it so much to be able to play your Game. Thank You Very Very Much. Have a very nice day because You Really Deserve It.
— Odell Whitman - U.S.

Thank you very much for the update... It is great to have SolSuite solitaire games to keep my mind going.
— Claire Thackeray - Australia

Once again thank you for your good cooperation. I'm glad to inform that I have successfully installed SolSuite and am already gladly playing. We enjoy the pleasure of exercising our mind and of playing so many different games. With SolSuite I found the all in one way of having both. Thank you TreeCardGames for existing, for making happy so many people and for being a so important part of my life.
— Luis Durao - Portugal

I have purchased eleven programs from your company. There were mostly gifts for my family and friends. All of the programs are great with super graphics, variations and stats for each game. All of your games are great teaching tools for the young and ones that are young at heart. Even us pros like me have improved our skill level and are play even better now. Everyone that I have sent this program to as gifts loves your Solitaire SolSuite, MahJong Suite and Sudoku Up. Your sales and service department has always been professional, courteous and knowledgeable with every order. They have even sent special messages for me with the email orders when I have send this games as birthday and holiday gifts to my family and friends. Now tell everyone to get busy and make some more games for us, please!
— Thomas Greca, U.S.

Now I can install Windows 8 in the knowledge that at the end of a busy day I can relax with my SolSuite. This is the best suite in the world and I would be completely lost without it. Once again thank you for your fast and very efficient help.
— Elizabeth Wall, United Kingdom

Thank you for your time and effort to resolve my issue, it isn't something I run across often nowadays, a company and employees that want to help their customer, I will enthusiastically recommend you to anyone who wishes to have a plethora of solitaires on their machine as I do. Once again my sincere thanks.
— James Wolfard, U.S.

I have been a SolSuite evangelist for many years and happy to have my "friend" on my PC!
— Hal Eisenberg, U.S.

I think SolSuite Solitaire is one of the best games ever...
— Linda J Weaver, U.S.

Thank you for the most entertaining game (SolSuite) that gives me hours of pleasure.
— Terry Winters, U.S.

Just want to let you know how much I enjoy playing SolSuite... it brightens my day! Keep up the good work!
— Joan Diehl, U.S.

I would like to pass on to all who have solved my problem reinstalling SolSuite. There is no doubt about the support team you're GREAT.
— Ken Jose, Australia

Thank you so much for you help. It's nice to know that some people on web sites stand up for their products. And SolSuite is a great game program.
— John Peterson, U.S.

I enjoy the solitaire games (SolSuite) you created. It is steps ahead of the competition in action, diversity, color graphics and number of games. Thanks!
— William Saltzman, U.S.

I appreciate your good customer service. I have always found it the best. A Great Company yours...
— Denice Bridgman, U.S.

I love SolSuite and I love the great service and help you provide. Thank you again and now I am off to play cards on SolSuite.
— Carol Zintz, U.S.

This is just to say Thank You! You guys are Awesome. I love SolSuite and your customer support people are the best. Thank you, thank you!
— Lisa Buntjer, U.S.

I absolutely love your SolSuite and every night while I relax in bed, all propped up with pillows, I play several games of solitaire and it relaxes me and soothes away the pains and stresses of the day. So thank you for helping to keep me sane and happy. I am just pleased with your products and recommend them to anyone out there wanting to get away from the daily stress of life and actually have a chance of winning!
— Rebecca Fleurant, Canada

I just bought the latest version of SolSuite and it ROCKS!! Thank you for the quality and for the great price!
— Lawrence Rink, U.S.

I love the SolSuite so much. It is great fun for me. Thanks so much!
— Doris Block, U.S.

Each time I click on the icon for your game... I think a thankful thought. SolSuite has become a nice part of my life. I am grateful to you for offering such great games.
— William Bates, Thailand

I installed the current SolSuite and was able to use the new activation code and it is now working fine. Thank you for your concern, I think SolSuite is one of the best games ever...
— Linda J Weaver, U.S.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Now I can relax with your WONDERFUL SolSuite Solitaire. It is also helpful to keep my brain concentrating, remembering, etc.
— Lee Hunt, U.S.

We both love SolSuite. It is the best solitaire out there, thanks for making it.
— Dorothy Boone, U.S.

Many thanks for such a quick reply. Everything is working now and am very happy with the SolSuite. I have bought an extra 2 games for my parents as I am that impressed with it.
— Gaby Niekel, Australia

It really was a pleasure dealing with you. I love playing SolSuite Solitaire and will recommend your site to anyone who loves these types of games. I bought the games as a present for my neighbors who love playing solitaire. Won't they be surprised when they see how many games they can play instead of the free ones in the internet which has very limited games. Again, thank you so much.
— Esperanza Alcarese, U.S.

Thank you very much, that seems to have worked. I'm grateful that you were there this weekend; it would have been a very long weekend without my SolSuite! I think I'll update more regularly now; that, I suspect, will prevent these sorts of issues. So thanks for reminding me that there are a lot of good, honest business folk out there. My thanks.
— Tristan MacAvery, U.S.

I enjoy playing card games on my computer and SolSuite make that so much easier for me by collecting all the games together in one package rather than my having to search all over the web for them. Thank you very much.
— Stephen P. Cox, United Kingdom

I cannot thank you enough for the friendly support and prompt service I have received from you today. I am recommending your SolSuite Solitaire to all my family and friends. The SolSuite games are exceptionally good and so easy to use. Great value for a great product. Thanks again.
— Dennis Gerber, Canada

Love your games (SolSuite Solitaire), would never be without them. Happy to let others know how much I love SolSuite. It's the best.
— Louis Morgan, U.S.

I deeply appreciate all of your assistance in ordering and downloading SolSuite Solitaire. We like playing quality games on the computer. Very relaxing and enjoyable. You programs have excellent graphics. With all the varying levels of skill even beginners can learn to play and have fun with your games. It been a rewarding experience not only to play but to use SolSuite game to teach friends how to play solitaire and to get good at it too. When they come to our home they all want get on the computer and play.
— Thomas Greca, U.S.

To everyone at TreeCardGames. THANK YOU for the superb programming in the creation of quite possibly the best Solitaire software package in the known universe, SolSuite Solitaire!
— Frank Harman, Canada

I just wanted to tell you since you helped me that I am now enjoying your SolSuite Solitaire games so much better. I would highly recommend SolSuite Solitaire to everyone who likes a variety of solitaire games. Thank you for your assistance and your patience and willingness to be of help to your customers.
— Joyce Dunlap, U.S.

I want to thank you for this wonderful game. I play SolSuite regularly. Thanks again for a great game.
— Rathen Templeton, U.S.

I'd like you to know that SolSuite Solitaire is one of my favorite methods of relaxation. I realized that you can beat every FreeCell game if you unpuzzle the pieces correctly! :) It's a mental mind-set that puts me in a positive mood. It's nice to play a simple game that you can finish and win! I'll be enjoying your SolSuite for many years to come! Thanks again!
— Susan Guerrini, U.S.

Thanks for the quick reply! I am always impressed with the customer support I get from TreeCardGames. Keep up the good work!
— Robert Irish, U.S.

Thank you for 'SolSuite' I play it every day and never get tired. It keeps the brain in trim. Many Thanks.
— Eric Watts, Great Britain

Thanks for the wonderful games... I love SolSuite Solitaire and have now placed it on both my computers! Thanks for the great games ;0))
— Jill Becker, U.S.

Please forward the following message to the marketing staff: I play SolSuite since many years ago and it is a state of the art game, and the support team is excellent!!!
— Bernardo Wesler, Argentina

Thank you for giving my wife and me the opportunity to enjoy your game (SolSuite). I think that a lot of very skilled people worked very hard to provide this. I will look forward to the product that I purchased. I think that would be great adding my comments to your website. Anything I can do to help.
— Randal Bourland, U.S.

I would like to thank you for being so good to your subscribers. I had to reinstall everything. You are always there to help me and I appreciate your help and punctuality in getting back to me. You are a Company I refer to others and I feel good when I do.
— John Peterson, U.S.

Thank you for all your help. I have just purchased the new version of SolSuite. My sincere thanks to the team for being there when I needed you. Looking forward to being able to use the new version as I do love the games. They keep the brain engaged. You have been just wonderful in helping me with the problem that I caused myself and you were able to sort it out very quickly and efficiently. Thank you very much again.
— Catherine Parr, Australia

I thank you all very much for a wonderful solitaire suite (SolSuite) -- the biggest, the best, the most well-conceived, and without question the most enjoyable. I hope that you continue to thrive, grow, prosper, and a thesaurus of other synonyms for "we got it goin' on." SolSuite truly is the best.
— Tristan MacAvery, U.S.

Boy I've had a fair look through SolSuite. It's fantastic - I worked out if I learn one new game a week it'll take me 11 years to learn 'em all!! Love the game and the service, thank you all.
— Ian Hansen, Australia

I just wanted to tell you guys how great you are. I have had to redownload several times the game that I have bought. You always send me the link at no charge. Thanks so much. I love your game (SolSuite Solitaire)
— Irene Yanke,  U.S.

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SolSuite 2019's latest version 19.8
August 10, 2019

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