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After doing some serious computer exercises it is good to finish and relax with a few games of SolSuite Solitaire and what an array of games to choose from. It's a great and enjoyable challenge to try to put my name at the top of the leader board. I always leave with a smile my face. You are very unselfish with your updates. My best buy without any doubt. Many Thanks.
— John Murphy, Ireland

I feel compelled to write and praise you for not only the finest, best card games program I have ever seen in 25 years of being involved in computers. I have been with you for some time, V6 or 7... not sure. How you keep improving I do not know but most of all, your service, quality and amazing value is second to none, not to mention the friendly way you treat your customers. Many companies could learn well from you. I will remain a loyal customer. I wish you all well and hope you flourish.
— Denis Muldoon, United Kingdom

A million thanks for dealing with the problem so promptly. Everything is OK now. Congratulations on your perfect customer service. In my experience, it exceeds every other organization.
— Jo Lansdell, United Kingdom

I would like to add my support and appreciation to your Customer Satisfaction Column. There is not enough words in the dictionary to express my thanks and how much your company Tree Card Games has brightened my life. I love getting your SolSuite Newsletters, and look for all the new and wonderful games that are added to this very excellent set of PC Solitaire games. Keep up the good work, and GOD BLESS you and everyone at Tree Card Games.
— Lois L. Ache, U.S.

I just want to thank you very much for the great games. It is the best investment I have ever made. My wife and grandkids really enjoy all the games. We are learning them all. We had no idea there were so many to play. We are very grateful for the inexpensive entertainment. Keep up the good work and God Bless all who have contributed to keep others happy. We have not had any problems with any of the games so far and play them every day. Also, thank you for sending the registration number on the email in order to download the new version.
— Eugene & Ana Giecold, U.S.

Dear TreeCardGames, I have been very pleased with your consistent and diligent manner in which you conduct your business. I have been very pleased especially for the quick response you have given me when I have had trouble with my computer and your were right there to assist in my recapturing my lost games of SolSuite. I am on a fixed income and I enjoy playing the games which keep me quite busy and amused. I do wish you to keep up the good work in providing your Customers with the utmost satisfaction and enjoyment with your games. Thank you.
— Lenore Littlejohn, U.S.

The innovation in this software is mind-boggling! This is probably the best-designed software I have ever used. Everything about this collection is excellent, from the beautiful interface, to the incredible collection of games, and the customization options. Every other solitaire software absolutely pales in comparison to SolSuite!
— Gregg C. Alley, U.S.

I just wanted to tell you that I think your game package is one of the best I've seen. I downloaded the trial version and played it for only a few days before making the commitment to buy. I've played a lot of solitaire games and this one combines the best features of all of them. The games are creative, challenging, smooth running, and the controls are easy to use. The organization features are a great bonus. The context specific Help is excellent. I can tell that a lot of hard work went into this product. Thanks and congrats on a great piece of work.
— Lisa Walsh, Canada

I would like to thank you very much for your kindness. Once again you have come up trumps. The best service I have ever had in my life has been with my dealings with you. I am very impressed with you. Thank you again.
— Daphne Bradley, United Kingdom

I can't remember exactly when I bought your program, but for however long it's been, it has been an absolute delight! I've learned some great new games as well as enjoyed some oldie/goldies. Your graphics and presentation are superb. And I love the upgrades that keep everything "fresh" I only wish I could come up with an even more glowing tribute to voice my enthusiasm. These games are delightful--and I have barely scratched the surface of all the games offered. You guys have truly done a wonderful job! Thanks for such a GREAT product!!!
— Anya Gray, U.S.

I just wanted to drop a few lines and let you know that SolSuite is one of the most entertaining and relaxing games I have ever played. After I come home from work each night, the first thing I do is pull up SolSuite. I play it before I go to work every morning while drinking my morning coffee. Thank you! Keep up the good work.
— Sally Roberts, U.S.

Would you please accept my thanks for your time and patience in helping me get SolSuite back on line. I have not experienced support this good on any Computer, Computer Hardware or Software that I have ever purchased before. Customer Service such as this should insure your organization is successful in the Market Place for Years to come. Again, Thank You.
— Harold P. Cunningham, U.S.

I have just downloaded SolSuite upgrade. You guys just get better and better. It was a good day when I first "discovered" TreeCardGames and SolSuite. Since then my wife and I have had many, many hours of enjoyment. I would rate SolSuite as the best game site on the Web. Thanks for all the pleasure you have brought to two senior citizens.
— Philip and Beryl Soller, South Africa

I have already downloaded this product (SolSuite). My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed your SolSuite program since we purchased version 8. The graphics are great and the games never get boring. We relax nearly every evening by playing your games. Thanks for a stress relief far cheaper than a doctor's visit!
— Steve & Tracy Lewis, U.S.

Thank you for your email informing me that the new version of SolSuite is available. I immediately downloaded it and enjoyed the new games as well as the new features added (Status bar, Zoom in statistics and others). In this connection I want to point out that it is the first time I enjoyed a game so much. It is constructed so wisely and smartly so the player never gets bored. Please continue your upgrades with the same skill.
— George Hadjiyiannis, Greece

I Have just loaded your new version of SolSuite on my computer and it is great to have so many games. I play on them soon as I get the time to. I Love them all. I think I have all the versions now and you cannot go wrong when you play them as it puts you right even if you do go wrong. Keep up the good work and I would like to congratulate you for bringing out all of the games. They will keep me going for ever , there must be hundreds on this SolSuite games for ever. Thank you again for the brilliant games. I am so happy to think I am doing a good turn, and to let people know they don't know what there missing until they get your SolSuite card games.
— George Saunders, United Kingdom

I'm contacting you to thank you for your quick response, and also to let you know you have one of or the best game program around. I have had a lot of games and you only need one SOLSUITE. Keep up the good work and thanks for the fun.
— Rockie B. Alvidrez, U.S.

I would everything like to excuse me for my a little correct language but do not know well your language. From few years I have known your games and I am very happy with your professional seriousness and of the quality of your products. I have had some problems to the computer and I have had to reload your program what you have immediately sent me and I have been very satisfied of the seriousness and competence of your collaborators. I wish you a good job and a cordial regard from Italy.
— Mario Mordiglia, Italy

CONGRATULATIONS - The really nice thing about SolSuite is that it all works!! The ordering system works/the download system works/the registration number works and my Wife is well pleased with all the new games she has to play. All in all, a nice one.
— Peter Talbot, United Kingdom

I am very pleased with your company. We finally have a software company that constantly improves and adds to their product. I wish the other software people would follow your example.
— Allan Silver, U.S.

Realmente consideramos SolSuite, en mi hogar, el mejor programa de solitarios hoy en el mercado, no queremos hacer comparaciones.
— Julio Anselmino, Argentina

Thank you for making this splendid game. Nothing is better than coming home from work after a hard days work and start playing SolSuite. I never get tired playing the game. Newsletter and updating are just making it even better. I have just paid for the updating, and did it gladly.
— Anne M Olsen, Denmark

I cannot complement you enough for your SolSuite game. I thoroughly enjoy it, the diversity is unbelievable but most importantly, I have had problems with the program. These could have been the result of computer glitches, but I am not sure. The point I would like to make is that both times I contacted your Company and within 24 hours received a response which was clear and concise and both times I was able to restore SolSuite with no problem. I am an avid game player and have encountered problems with other programs but your Company ranks #1 in ease of solving the problem and the speed with which you contacted me with the answers. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Edith Hlawatsch, U.S.

I just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful product. It is the best money I have spent on computer software for entertainment purposes to date. Many software products will not work properly on Windows 2000 Pro, but yours works perfectly. I also appreciate receiving updates. Thank you for the hours of entertainment that I enjoy each day.
— Judith M Hardina, U.S.

I have for a long time looked after a solitaire game where I could say, "WOW there it is", and when I found yours, it was absolutely what I say, prompt! I purchased the game a while back, and I'm still very surprised for every update. It's extremely good work, and I just want to tell you folks, that it is the best money I ever had spend! I will recommend it to everybody that loves playing cards! I will also say thanks for a fantastic service to all of you! Keep up the extreme good work and thanks for a fantastic game!
— Flemming Pedersen, Denmark

We do enjoy the pass time and hours we spend playing the games. SolSuite has been one of the best in customer satisfaction and support I've ever had on a software product. Keep up the good work.
— Marilyn and Perry Kryscynski, U.S.

Just wanted to tell you that we appreciate SolSuite more then you can imagine, how much good and the mental therapy that it exercises my wife's brain. You have been so good to us and I guess the only two things left to say is Thank You and God Bless you.
— Jack & Ramona McKinley, U.S.

Satisfaction level: well above expectation. It is the best card game among many games I have played. Keep up with the good works.
— David C Chan, Canada

Many, many thanks for the info to download SolSuite, you have saved my sanity as this is the only game I enjoy playing on the computer. God bless.
— Pam Taylor, Australia

I want to thank you for the efficiency and kindness that you had with me. I had a problem with virus in my computer and lost all my programs. I asked the SolSuite support to tell me what to do and they immediately solved my problem. They are not only the best playing cards program, they have also the best (and fast) support.
— Tony and Chris, Brazil

Hi, I just wanted to thank you folks for your great compliments. I have purchased your game a while back and am surprised at the updates I have received. I have a lot of games on my PC and yours is the only one that keeps making it better with free updates. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your hard work. The games are fantastic. Thanks for the many hours of enjoyment. God Bless!
— Marylou Moretti, U.S.

I am so glad I decided months ago to purchase your software (SolSuite). It was money well worth spending! I've seen a lot of solitaire games online and in the stores. None of them come close to the greatness of yours. I download the updated versions immediately. What a great product!
— Donna Dowd, U.S.

Es mi deseo agradecer y felicitar a Su compañia por haberme permitido conocer el mejor juego de cartas solitario SolSuite, me ha brindado muchas horas de incansable esparcimiento, reitero mis felicitaciones.
— Ruben Nilo Hermo, Argentina

I am a registered SolSuite user and have been playing many different solitaire games since I was a child. Also, I have used several different solitaire software packages over the years. SolSuite is by far the best! The card movements and sounds are intuitive, you can customize nearly everything, you have nearly every game I've ever heard of and many that I have not. It's a great piece of software. What a bargain!
Anne Marshall Parker, U.S.

Dear friends: I announce them that I am enjoying the 10 new solitaires in my computer. Thank you for this wonderful one I give that make me once again. As no longer work, I am playing until the 3:00 am. And I can get up later. It is something fantastic in the tranquility of the night to be able to be devoted to my favorite solitaires: Giant and Rouge et Noir. Once again, thank you to help to make my more pleasant life.
— Martha Lucía Simon, Colombia

Only to let you know that, I have bought few Solitaire games for PC and this is the feedback from all the family members (kids, parents and relatives) "SolSuite" is not only, "one of the best" Solitaire Games, it is the "BEST ONE". Many Thanks for the fun we have to play it and for working on this kind of game.
— Michel Prevost, United Kingdom

Thanks very much, you're making very happy a "Retired man" this is me "Roberto": God Bless all you. I wish my English were better, so I could express myself much better. Thanks again, and GOD BLESS YOU. I want you to know that I play every day your games. You make me a very happy man. Thanks to all you.
— Roberto Mendoza, Mexico

Just had to let you know that SolSuite is the best present I have received for a long time! The graphics are great and the games greater!
— Valerie Chambers, U.K.

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October 10, 2019

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