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What a wonderful find was SolSuite! I have spent many hours playing and love every minute/hour. The deck graphics upon winning a game are absolutely beautiful. I'm handicapped and if it wasn't for these games, I would be on the sofa becoming a vegetable. I have told my family and many friends about SolSuite. Thank you so very much for such wonderful games.
— Irene A Kotouc, U.S.

I've been a solitaire buff all my life and your software is a dream come true! It is easy to use and understand, and the many different options and preference selections lets me customize the way I want to play each game. Congratulations on developing an excellent solitaire software.
— Anthony Cupillari, U.S.

I love my SolSuite program. It was well worth what I paid for it. I spend much time alone and this game is a life saver. Thank you for such a good selection.
— Beverly Reynolds, U.S.

I am very satisfied with the program SolSuite, and thank You for the pleasure You created for me.
— Robert Jobin, Canada

SolSuite is by far the best version of Solitaire that I have seen and gets better with each new
— Gordon Snell, United Kingdom

Thank you for your quick reply. Because of your wonderful customer service, I have recommended you highly.
— Michele Reg, U.S.

SolSuite/TreeCardGames continues to be one of the most professional sites on the Web -- which is becoming rare on our poor, over-trashed electronic highway. I so respect the credibility and recommend the site to my friends and family. Thank you, again.
— Carlee Anderson, U.S.

Dear SolSuite Congregation: I am truly awed by SolSuite and have fallen in like with this upgrade! I think it's absolutely beautiful and the sophistication of the way SolSuite is handled, upgrades and all are simply awesome! Keep up the excellent work and for God's sake, don't let those beautiful programmers get away from you! I never knew that when I first ordered SolSuite that I would become an ardent fan and addict to SolSuite. Thank you and don't ever go out of business.
— Carol Hamer, U.S.

All I can say is thank you, thank you and thank you again! It's so nice to have the full version of SolSuite on again. These games are a fantastic and challenging way to pass away the hours of a long day. I'm so grateful to you for walking me through the process and getting me on track again.
— Genny Larson, Canada

I downloaded SolSuite and I am exhilarated ! It's the best solitaire game by far I've ever seen. And let me add that the statistics are a great feature as well, you always have a good overview of just everything.
— Sandra Schulz, Germany

I am very impressed with my purchase of SolSuite. I really enjoy the card games, but more importantly, I very much appreciate the excellent customer service I have received since my purchase.
— Dorothea Readhead, U.S.

Muchísimas gracias. Excelente cobertura para el Servicio al Cliente. Felicitaciones!! Es una alegría poder decir la Verdad. En un mundo donde la mediocridad aumenta, el encontrar esta Vocación de Servicio de parte de su Empresa, me hace no perder la Fé en el futuro del Hombre. Nuevamente Gracias. Adelante!
— Jorge Amado Bonpland, U.S.

I love what you folks have done with the graphics!! I've been with you for a long time and you just keep getting better. Keep up the great work.........couldn't live without SolSuite!
— Carol Zimmerman, U.S.

Many, many thanks for your very short response time. Thanks also to the whole SolSuite team: you are developing an outstanding game program. Congratulations !!!
— Pierre Bierwertz, Belgium

It's great to play anytime now and my 2 daughters start to play with the card game and they love it. The youngest is just 5 years old and she's not as fast as we are but she has fun and that's so nice to see a smile in her face when she wins. Thanks again and for you and all the people who works in SolSuite MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR.
— Nathalie Girard, Canada

I love SolSuite; it is grand. I have played solitaire games since I was a young child, owned books on solitaire as a teenager, but I have never enjoyed the game the way that your program allows me to. Thank you.
— Gary Max Sons, U.S.

Many many thanks for help and Service. May I take the time to compliment all support team, for the patience, help and understanding given to me. I can honestly say quality and quantity of help has been tremendous, so full compliments to all at SolSuite support team. Once again many thanks.
— Marie Thistlethwaite, United Kingdom

I have been able to pay and download the game for both myself and my husband to play on our respective computers! We are both addicted to Spider Two Suits and are competing to see who can win the most games in a row! (I even persevere and get Spider out most times, too!). We recommend SolSuite to a lot of people and will encourage them to not only try the trial versions but to support you guys by purchasing the full version!
— Liz Green, New Zealand

Thank you for that all is now upgraded and working. You are right in your motto it keeps the brain active, exercise for brain is as important as for the body. Thanks again for a great program it keeps me sane.
— Mike Sparrow, United Kingdom

Many thanks. Can't live without wonderful SolSuite! Keep up the good work!
— Lynn Platt, United Kingdom

Thanks for a great game (SolSuite) and the adventure of one of your other games (MahJong). Looking forward to mastering that one! Keep up the spirit. We all need our entertainment and SolSuite is definitely mine. I guess I cannot thank you-all enough. I am just so glad I finally purchased your product and splurged on the MahJong bundle. Now I will probably never leave my computer! I play a game in between using my dial-up to access the internet and check email. I have used the free version for so long, but the full version is so much cooler. I love it. Now my biggest problem is deciding which game to play! Thanks again for all your assistance. Have fun and make more great games, we need the entertainment!
— Nancy Adams, U.S.

Thanks for the wonderful games. I think this is the neatest program I have ever had. I am always looking for more solitaire games and now I have them. This is the greatest news I have had in a long time.
— Nona Burrington, U.S.

I just want to thank you for this "worth every penny" solitaire delight! I could spend hours playing the games and It is so wonderful for my stress. It is the best deal ever! I speak from experience as I have bought several solitaire games and this one just gets better and better. So far 3 of my friends and family have purchased the game from you. YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!!
— Judith Merenda, U.S.

We are from Denmark, and we like to tell you, that we do have a lot a fun with SolSuite, which we have been looking for for some time. It is great coming home from a work day with a lot of stress and just sit down with SolSuite. Thank you so much.
— Dorit Hoholt, Denmark

I would just like to say that SolSuite is such good value for money and so addictive its brilliant the only problem is that my wife and I have to toss a coin to see who's turn on the computer it is she has even published her high score on the champions table. P.S. keep up the good work brilliant game.
— Steve Williams, United Kingdom

I absolutely love the software (SolSuite), and I am very impressed with how quickly the new versions come out and with the level of effort and creativity put into the updates. Other software companies should take note of this standard of excellence!
— Shannon Fox, U.S.

I am really enjoying the Solitaire games. I keep switching back and forth between all of them. Now my kids have to wait for ME to get off the computer! Thanks
— Mary Frey, U.S.

I should send an email to you people and let you know how pleased I am with your site. My $19.95 was very well spent. Keep up the great work..... I'm counting on you! Thanks again!!!
— Brenda D Heaton, U.S.

Your solitaire game is, in my opinion, one of the best looking solitaire games there is. Very professional layout, very configurable, and extremely good graphic. Keep up the good work.
— John Roger Taraldsen, Norway

I love SolSuite 98, with its wonderful color, wide variety of games, and special effects. (...) Thanks for providing such a beautiful product.
— Jeanine Carlson, U.S.

Hi, I have just downloaded your SolSuite and what little I've seen of it must say it is quite impressive, thanks for adding some game joy to my life...
— Kada Cornelson, U.S.

This is just like the Windows solitaire game only better. Great game. (...) This is probably the most different solitaire game for the computer I have seen.
— Charles Krivda, U.S.

I recently downloaded your program, SolSuite98 for Windows 95, which by the way I think is terrific!
— Kimberly McCarley, U.S.

Thanks you for SolSuite. You have provided us with many hours of entertainment.
— Connie Harris, U.S.

I am so excited to tell you... Thank you for SolSuite. It's a awesome card game and it's just what we wanted.
— Darnor, U.S.

I am getting a lot of enjoyment playing solitaire (SolSuite) in more than one mode. The good news is my husband is participating also. So thanks you so much for making these games possible.
— Helen Smith, U.S.

I really enjoy the game and eagerly look forward to the quiet at the end of the day when I can relax with SolSuite 98.
— Geraldine L. Kittle, U.S.

You keep surpassing yourselves!! We enjoy SolSuite so much and you just keep the games coming. Thank you....best money I've spent in ages.
— Teresa Ivan, Canada

I like the Solitaire Card Games very much, everything very well set up. Am very impressed. So keep up the good works. Many thanks.
— Dirk Van Beek, New Zealand

Thanks so much!!! I really like the graphics in your solitaire game so that's the one that I use.
— Kathryn Anderson, U.S.

This is a large thank you from Scotland , for the fab SolSuite 98, but I am unable to get my wife off the computer now.
— J. W. Crammond, Scotland

Thank you so many wonderful hours of fun... and for all the newest games the last couple of months! It's the best buy on the web!!
— David Kay, U.S.

... I get many hours of enjoyment out of the variety and excellent graphics.
— Gary Robins, Australia

I do appreciate you prompt help and consideration in my time of need. My dear wife plays several of your games all the time and is hard to live with if she does not have here SolSuite time each day. (No Kidding) Again Thank You So Very Much and God Bless!!!
— Jim Saunders, U.S.

We really love your game, my husband and myself have developed it into a tournament with who can have the best time. Thank you for the improvements we just downloaded the new stuff and look forward to more happy competition.
— The Brisson's, U.S.

My whole family loves your games, from my 12 yr. old daughter to my 23 yr. old daughter. One of the 1st things I did when I came back from my honeymoon was turn to your games. My daily routine when I get up in the morning is to go through my email and then to my favorite game list in SolSuite. Thanks for the great times.
— Dee, U.S.

Must have my SolSuite! If my wife does not get her daily fix of SolSuite she is just about too cranky to live with.
— Jim Saunders, U.S.

I've tried all the shareware card game's I could find. But yours came out on top... How to keep the wife quiet? Buy her SolSuite - It worked for me!
— Alan, U.K.

I think that SolSuite is awesome... I cannot wait until the end of the day, and the wee hours of the morning to sit, alone and quiet, and enjoy SolSuite... it is the answer to a hectic and stressful day... Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Shirley, U.S

It's been a long time since I've come across a shareware product that I couldn't live without!! SolSuite is great! You did a fine job of integrating lots of solitaire games and the features of your program are perfect. Just thought I'd let you know I was impressed enough to register!!
— Dr. J. Davis Martin, U.S.

I have just registered as a new user of SolSuite, and I am absolutely delighted with the program. I have downloaded many, many solitaire games and packages, and have never been able to find that "perfect" package - the one with all the right games, just the right look, and all the best features - until now. I only played the shareware version for one day before deciding to register; I knew immediately that I had finally found MY solitaire suite!
— Arlene Heine, U.S.

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October 10, 2019

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