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SolSuite solitaire Card Games Suites is a fantastic program. Thanks for all the updates! Can't wait for the next one! Definitely worth every penny!
— Tania Goodheart, South Africa

Thank you for SolSuite's ongoing and incredible customer support. As an unsolicited and appreciative comment, you are the best at customer service in game service industry. I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to have such support. I give SolSuite and A+++. This kind of letter is not the kind I usually write. This kind of service is rare and it places you well above most internet sales and service companies and above your competitors in so many ways. I just want to take this opportunity to thank you, your company and your people. It is always good to deal with people who put the customer first.
— William Saltzman, U.S.

I really enjoy SolSuite game because it has so many backgrounds, card backs, and card front characters that I don't get bored with it. I've had hours upon hours of enjoying all of the graphics you guys have updated this program with. Thanks again.
— Kara Davis, U.S.

I've used SolSuite for years and love it! It is mesmerizing.
— Michael Kaufman, U.S.

May I say that I have had SolSuite on my PC since way before 10.xx and I just love the product. Kudos to you the developers. I can estimate that I have used SolSuite for more than or around 10 years now and it must still be my favourite application of all time. Used to kill stress or just to wind down after a hard day at work. Well done on a classic product - don't stop evolving it...
— Stanley Nykamp, United Kingdom

I can't tell you how impressed I am with you and your company. Within thirty minutes I got three responses in answer to my question, including time for forwarding. LoL It would have been very easy for you to tell me "I was out of luck, too bad, so sad". Instead you took the time to go back in the records and find the information and I am soooooo happy. I love playing the games in SolSuite. Thank you for your attitude and that of your company. It's people like you that make a difference in our world today!!! I was totally impressed by your service :) People should know how quick and honest you and your company are.
— Ellen F. Lennen, U.S.

Many, many thanks for your always very speedy, courteous and helpful reply. I think even if SolSuite itself wasn't as good as it is, I would recommend you simply on the basis of your excellent customer service, which is a breath of fresh air every time! It is a pleasure to deal with a company which genuinely cares about the satisfaction every customer receives when they buy the best Patience game on the planet. Many thanks again, and I shall continue to sing SolSuite's praises!
— Irene Redpath, United Kingdom

I love your program: SolSuite. New cards & backgrounds, (ESPECIALLY CATS AND WOODS, RIVERS, MOUNTAINS, ETC.) are far more important than new games!! Keep up the good work!!
— Michael Mulkin, U.S.

I am very impressed with the prompt service I always receive from you. Many thanks. I would add I have never ever had cause to complain about SolSuite you are to be commended.
Doreen Crook, New Zealand

"Just a note to say THANK YOU for all the support of my problems with various situations. You always come through and I just wanted to let you know I'm grateful for the HELP. You are doing a Great Job. Keep up the Good Work... Thx again...
— Rex Broussard, U.S.

SolSuite is an incredibly good piece of software, with capabilities far better than I had imagined." — Clare Pawling, U.S.

Thanks for your help and putting out such a great game. I probably play (SolSuite) 1-2 hours per day.
— Robert Krause, U.S.

Thanks for the very prompt reply to my request for help. I had the SolSuite very early version a number of years ago and had enjoyed doing all the card games.
— Beverly Cook, U.S.

I think the SolSuite team are the best, always there to help and always reply so quickly with the correct solution to the problem. You are the tops.
— Daphne Bradley, Great Britain

Thank you so much. I play SolSuite everyday, I'm afraid. I really love it.
— Gayle Crohan, U.S.

I really like the Ribbon and new sounds of SolSuite! I can't get my day going without a run at Busy Aces...
— Robert Hunt, U.S.

Many thanks, life is not worth living without SolSuite!!
— Cynthia Fisher, Great Britain

I've been a SolSuite fan for many years, but this newest version... downloaded yesterday... is totally incredible!! The graphics, the sounds, the ease of use; all of it is the best yet! Thank you for constantly improving what was already awesome!
— Patricia PJ Perry, U.S.

Thanks folks! I really like the new SolSuite Solitaire! You all have really been doing your homework! Kudos!
— Jack Strassner, U.S.

Hi! I have played for almost two years SolSuite and it is the best card game. Thanks for the game and excitement.
— Hans Bohman, Sweden

Thank you very much! At SolSuite you are fantastic at answering our queries rapidly and efficiently, and it was over the week end too!
— Maryanne Dassonville, New Caledonia

I want to thank you for helping me and doing it so fast... I have my new computer working now with my SolSuite game we like here... Great support, thanks again... My wife loves to play your game setup here... Your service and system you have is one of the best I have found on line anywhere.
— Lansing Small, Canada

I'm one of the earliest adopter of your wonderful game. My family is enjoying every day SolSuite. I would like to warmly congratulate you for this outstanding games suite and encourage you to keep continuing to be leader in this domain. Friendly.
— Pierre Bierwertz, Belgium

I have found your after sales service to be incredibly efficient and helpful.
— Sylvia Edwardes-Evans, South Africa

I am addicted to SolSuite. I am a total solitaire junkie and proud of it. Thanx for an awesome product.
— Paula Schilling, U.S.

I really like the new version of SolSuite, really nice improvement. Another plus to SolSuite is the free updates, card packs. I usually get a few games in during my computer time, as it is relaxing and fun. Thanks for a great package.
— Gary Wallace, Canada

Thank you for your prompt reply... SolSuite never drops the ball on service... I highly recommend your program to all...
— Pat Habetz, U.S.

I want to tell you once more how much I enjoy playing with SolSuite!
— Thérèse Labis, Belgium

Just a comment. You have a terrific program (SolSuite) and the best customer support of any software company with whom I've done business.
— Rodger Knight, U.S.

I wouldn't want to live without your game (SolSuite) and would readily have paid twice the price!!!
— John van der Pas, United Kingdom

Anne from Denmark, who loves to play the fantastic games (SolSuite) for some years now, and never gets tired of it :-)
— Anne M Olsen, Denmark

Some of those games are just so good they should come with a label "May be so much fun it can be addictive
— Martha Baker, U.S.

I can always count on you guys. Been using SolSuite for (forgot how many years). While traveling on the plane and playing SolSuite, got many comments - a great way spending flight time, what game is that? Even had a little girl take over my laptop. Don't know what I do without it.
— Daniel S. Genegabuas, U.S.

I have a number of games, but SolSuite, hands down, is my absolute favorite! ;)
— Barbara Lembke, U.S.)

THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH! I have used this program every day... I'm not exaggerating. I had other games, but this one has been my favorite. I will recommend this to others.
— Betty Trott, U.S.)

Thank you for all the great help you have given me over the past months. The tutorials will hopefully keep me on the right track in future. I thoroughly enjoy the many variations of SolSuite games. I find SolSuite and company services of the highest standard as well as being extremely entertaining. Once again many thanks.
— Reca Ryall, United Kingdom

Thanks for your kind assistance. Everything now successfully installed. The upgraded version is really beautiful. Have a nice day.
— Leif Bengtsson, Sweden

I have the SolSuite. It is beautiful on the new larger computer screens. I hope you make more games. Yours are really high-quality and wonderful. Thanks!
— Mary Hart, U.S.

Ordered the program (SolSuite) a few days back and have been enjoying it immensely!
— Robert Langer, U.S.

SolSuite is one of the most entertaining games I know. I have a very hectic job and SolSuite is a great way to relax and clear my mind. Thank you for a great game, I adore the various card backs, especially the cats!
— Nicky Sprenger, Netherlands

Now I and my wife we gonna play cards every day because (SolSuite) is the best. Every new deal of card I change the font size on the card, and back cards. You are number 1 of the world of this game. Thank you again.
— Srdjan Basta, Serbia

Why don't you have a place for customers to tell you how great you are? It was so easy to download and activate the program (SolSuite) on my new computer, and your support was fast, complete and very courteous. Wish we had people like you in some of the other on-line companies I deal with. Thanks.
— Bonnie Allmond, U.S.

I love to play SolSuite games. I feel so relaxed from the day's activity after playing a few games. I especially like the number of moves scoring. I always try to beat that score rather than the time, as I think it is helping me think through the puzzle process. I also like to think that my brain is working better when I play a few SolSuite games. The graphics and large card sets are phenomenal! I love to change cards and backgrounds to keep me on my toes. Thanks for a job well done and for your splendid support!
— Patricia Mauck, U.S.

I am the most thankful SolSuite gamer of the world and will recommend your real wonderful game to others.
— Huub van Heiningen, The Netherlands

I'm most thankful for your prompt reply. I've bought many copies of SolSuite along the past 10 years or so. Not only for myself but for my whole family and some special friends. Thanks again.
— Angela Machado, Brazil

I just wanted to tell you that I just love your solitaire games (SolSuite). I have a set of 7 or 8 games in my favorites that I love to play every night. I know I need to learn others but I am so fascinated with the games I play! Thank you for being such a good source of fun!
— Judy M Thompson, U.S.

I purchased SolSuite and wanted to thank you for your rapid reply! I wish all businesses had an attitude like yours. Thank you.
— Garry McGovern, Australia

Yours (SolSuite) is the ONLY game that I have on my computer. I have found this to be therapeutic, I think... And Thanks again, for being there for me when I need something.
— Richard P Junghans, U.S.

Thank you so much!! We love our SolSuite!! My husband plays Spider 2 Suits for hours after work in the evening and that is also my favorite game. Thanks for a great product and for such a quick response to our problem!! We give SolSuite a big Thumbs Up!!
— Delra Ulmer, U.S.

I really appreciate all the time you have given me, many thanks. SolSuite is great relaxation. SolSuite is a great program, with a patient and concerned Technical Help Team. Thank you and best wishes.
— Patricia Jackson, Australia

Thank you for the activation code. I do recommend your games quite a bit. They are fun and help me to relax.
— Melvin Hawkins, U.S.

Normally when I start the computer, I use SolSuite as a sort of morning prayer, to wake up the brains. Thus completely addicted to this fantastic game.
— Wim van der Wim, The Netherlands

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December 10, 2018

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