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In 1997, while cruising for free games, I found www.solsuite.com, & downloaded a free gamepack, which at the time had 240 games. Wonderful card sets. My favourite at the time was the 18th century English deck (very classy). Due to domestic break-up, I was without a computer until late November. First 2 things I did were: 1. sign up with my provider again, & 2. visit www.solsuite.com to buy the latest version. This includes free upgrades with more games & more graphics, options, bells & whistles. Oh, yeah - they (& I) now have more than 390 variations of solitaire, some of which are definitely addictive. I may not live long enough to learn all the variations they come up with, but this night owl is surely going to have fun trying. For all the late-night fans out there, I can heartily recommend www.solsuite.com. Great way to relax until you're cross-eyed enough to go to bed & fall asleep before your head hits the bed ! No drug hangover, either.
— Gloria Saint James, Canada

Thanks I love this card game software and I also appreciate the free upgrades that SolSuite sends. Keep up the good work.
— Robert Brissie, U.S.

I am pleased and impressed with user interface/display and other enhancements in v. 19.10! When my old computer with SolSuite ceased functioning, I went into withdrawal. No other Solitaire collections I've come across (and I've tried many!) measure up. Was so glad to find website again, purchase a copy for my new computer - then was really jazzed when I saw all the upgrades! So much of my time on computer is very hard work -- I'm more productive and more relaxed again now that I can take periodic breaks with SolSuite. Keep up the good work!
— Sandra Gavin, U.S.

Delighted with your product. All your instructions for activation very clear and easy to follow. Thanks.
— Terence James Hogsden, United Kingdom

All I can say you folks at SolSuite are AWESOME. Thank you for the info and believe me it is the greatest. My wife and kids and grandkids love playing SolSuite. Hope I never lose it. I have told other people about SolSuite and told them to buy it. I have your address and have given it to them. If they know what's good for them they will buy it. There is so much you can do with it. There are games on there I never heard of, but will try them. Keep up the good work. LOVE THAT SOLSUITE.
— John Woycik, U.S.

I just wanted to write and thank you for SolSuite. I'm a solitaire junkie so I never tire of SolSuite! In May, I took quite ill and had a stroke affecting my right side. I'm right handed so I was quite concerned as to the effects the stroke would have in the long run - would I be able to write, open things like jars or bottles, would I be able to use a keyboard/mouse as my work depended on being able to use the computer. At first, I couldn't manage to move the mouse much, but over several months I persevered until I was almost back to normal. How did I persevere?? By playing SolSuite hour by hour, day by day for about 6-8 weeks, gradually gaining back control and use of my right hand.
The clicking on the cards, moving them to the appropriate pile or spot in the game, got my hand moving properly again, as well as helped bring back my hand/eye co-ordination and my thought processes which all had been affected. Although I am now on disability, I am able to use the computer almost like I did before! So once again, thank you for an excellent program!
— Nancy Monnell, Canada

As long as I'm writing you an email, I must also say that SolSuite is the greatest thing I have ever downloaded. It has given me many hours of pleasure! Thank you for that :-)
— Heidi Wang, Norway

I Love SolSuite. Congratulations to you all!
Henry Dabiel, France

I have reformatted my PC and SolSuite was the first program I reinstalled. I do play SolSuite almost every day.
— Mary Zaragoza, U.S.

Just wanted to say that I have played my 2,021 games of SolSuite since April of this year. I had played many more before. So I have probably played about 4,500-5,000 since I purchased your game. It does give me many hours of fun and a great way to de-stress. Thanks for all your help.
— Patsy W. Elders, U.S.

Hi Guys... "Bloody Great Game"... Just luv it...
— David Tucker, Australia

SolSuite is wonderful. Very relaxing and fun for all my family. We play it all together. Thank you!
— Mia de Jong, Netherlands

Thank you so much for your help and getting back to me so promptly. I really appreciate it. You are a life safer. My friends call me a SolSuite junky. I don't know if I could have lived without it. Thanks Again.
— Phyllena Judge, U.S.

Un grand merci pour SolSuite et tous ces nouveaux jeux bien intéressants et variés. Cela devient même une drogue! A bientôt avec de nouveaux jeux extras!
— Véronique Dujardin, France

Thanks for your great support. Me and my wife love SolSuite and find there is no need for a computer without SolSuite.
— Danny L. Campbell, U.S.

This is an awesome game! I played it at my friend's house and once returned home I purchased SolSuite immediately.
— Barbara Chan, U.S.

Thank you so much. The best money I ever spent for hours and hours of entertainment. You can't get more bang for your buck than with SolSuite.
— Joy Findley, U.S.)

I wish to commend you on your outstanding SolSuite customer service. I am very pleased with your upgrades of SolSuite. I never expected to receive the additional upgrades and it makes me proud to be one of your customers. You really give us our money's worth. I do wish to let you know that my fiancée is handicapped and is still in the workforce. He is able to unwind when he gets home when he sits down with the computer and plays the SolSuite games. It is a great release for him. Please, keep up the great work. Thank you!!!
— Linda J. Weaver, U.S.

Hello all at SolSuite. Just had to write to say how much I enjoy playing SolSuite card games. I have many favourites but the best is four deck FreeCell. Keep up the good work.
— John Easdale, U.S.

The number 1 game on my computer is SolSuite. Thanks for the best games on the internet.
— Henry J. Boehm, U.S.

I would like to thank you very much for sending me the new upgrade of SolSuite. Since I live alone, I really enjoy spending some time every day playing solitaire games and also I enjoy when I can win your games [not all of them, mostly I lose, but I don't mind since I keep hoping that next time I will win you]. Thanks again, for all the good time you give me and keep up with the excellent work.
— Calliope Papadaki, Greece

What a great Company. I am totally impressed. I recommend you to all my solitaire loving friends and brag about all the free downloads. It took me awhile but I finally realized the only way you have of making money is by word of mouth recommendation and I promise to do all I can. It is so refreshing to feel that I am getting MORE than my money's worth for a change. Thanks again and again.
— Patricia Cooley, U.S.

Many thanks for 'getting me back on the road again' after a Full Restore on my computer. Having been without my favourite SolSuite games for about a week now, I was getting the withdrawal symptoms that any addict must experience! As a 'silver surfer', I just LOVE SolSuite, and play a number of games every day! Thanks again.
— Stewart Morison, United Kingdom

Many thanks to you for yet another addition to SolSuite. I am amazed,... your production speed exceeds my own "memory capacity".... My husband and I have lots of fun trying to beat the odds of these wonderful games. Everybody should have them. Relaxing with SolSuite is a good daily tonic for us.
— Trudy Brotchie, United Kingdom

Thank you very much for such a quick response. I'm feeling better already now I have had my Solitaire (SolSuite) "fix" again! It is an excellent programme, almost TOO much in a way, and, compared with other programmes I have looked at, the visual aspect of the cards is great, straightforward card design and not at all pretentious like some can be, and always very clear.
— John Hatchard, Australia

I'm sending this reply to let you know that I really enjoy playing SolSuite. The main reason, though, is to let you know how much I appreciate the upgrades that you send on a regular basis that can be activated with a code number that I already have. I activate them all. My friends are overwhelmed by the automatic feature and the number of solitaire games that are available. Thank You.
— Saul Berman, Canada

I love SolSuite card game and since purchasing the original a few years ago, use the program nearly every day. I am usual looking for games I can win frequently but love to play "Scorpion" which isn't easy and your estimate was 1:100. Keep up the excellent work.
— Cornelius L Mutsaers, Australia

Very many thanks for the download. What a surprise to receive yet two more card games. We are absolutely in love with SolSuite Card Games. One may refer to the frequency of our playing as "home gambling on a large scale - without loss of money or interest". Thank you for producing such enjoyable and stimulating (and sometimes mind-boggling) solitaires.
— Trudy Brotchie, United Kingdom

SolSuite it's a great software and you have a great site for games and entertainment also. I voted for you.
— Kathleen L. Hanson, U.S.

I just wanted to say thanks for the updates and MANY enjoyable hours I've had playing SolSuite. Your program is remarkable in so many ways I don't know if I'll be able to mention them all. I love the fact that I can make my own decks and believe me, I've made many. I love your tutorials. After I've read the rules to a game new to me, I let the tutorial take over to show me how the game is actually played. I've tried to make time to learn a new game every week. I appreciate the fact that I can save a game when time doesn't allow me to finish it. Your tips are wonderful. I've been so bowled over by SolSuite that I've must have talked at least a dozen of my offline friends into getting it, and who knows how many online friends. Again, thank you for such a great program. Keep up the good work! Please keep the newsletters and updates coming - I don't want to miss a thing.
— Carol Ramirez, U.S.

The pictures and sound are great. It's a great game all around. I love how you can select the games to play and how you can customize the graphics. I just love SolSuite!
— Reinhold Wengert, Germany

SolSuite is excellent program and a great value. It is one of few programs that I have run across that gets updated regularly and is always providing new challenges for the player. There is so many different games that you can't get bored! My wife doesn't play games on the computer except SolSuite. She likes the constant challange that program gives her. I have played paid for all the upgrades since version 5 and always felt that it was worth the money. Keep up the good work.
— Keith Kelly, U.S.

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy playing the #13 version! The games are easier and are a lot of fun. Thanks!
Sandy Watson, U.S.

Congratulations for yet two more interesting and absorbing games, so well thought out that winning is getting more and more of a challenge... and we enjoy every moment spent on SolSuite. Thank you.
— Trudy Brotchie, United Kingdom

Just a great big thank you from my wife & I in your continuing good work. Your site has been the BEST $20.00 we've spent since we've owned our computer. Keep up the GREAT work... Thanks again.
— Arthur L. Benson, U.S.

Thank you for the latest addition to SolSuite. I think this is the best Christmas present we have had in a long time. The whole range of card games in SolSuite is the best thing since the introduction of sliced bread.
— David J. Drayton, United Kingdom

No tengo el suficiente valor, ni los conocimientos, para ponerles unas palabras en lengua inglesa de agradecimiento por lo extraordinario que es el programa de Solitarios. Soy ya un jubilado pero voluntariamente muy ocupado. Es una delicia para mi, al final de la jornada, abrir al azar uno de los múltiples programas. Todos ellos maravillosamente confeccionados con estrategias sin fallo alguno. ¡Enhorabuena! Y Gracias.
— Juan de Luis Camblor, Spain

It's Christmas morning, I routinely open my mail box and what do my wondering eyes see... a gift from SolSuite, another upgrade. Just when I thought I had more solitaire choices than I would ever like to have, you keep coming up with more challenging games... I have and continue to recommended SolSuite to many of my friends, because it's like a gift that keeps on giving. It would be nice if other SolSuite users told their friends also. It's a way of thanking you for your timely and dedicated efforts to keep all SolSuite users so up to date. It's the best software purchase I ever made. May all solitaire players discover SolSuite in the new year.
— Pat DeAngelis, U.S.

Yesterday I wrote you that I thought I had a problem because I had bought a new computer. I had paid for SolSuite on the old computer. Today-less than 24 hours later I get instructions on how to install your game on my new computer. I wish everyone had the commitment to customer service that you have.
— John Giere, U.S.

Just had to drop you guys a line... I have been playing SolSuite for a few days now and I am truly impressed... The word setup, toolbars, etc, the player statistics, the number of games... I have downloaded a few games off of the web and the cheesy trial versions run out and cost $23.95 for one game! Yours is by far the best deal and I am very pleased. Thanks!
— Jean Benner, U.S.

Hi there at SolSuite! For years I have been looking for a good Solitaire program and thanks to you I now have it. It is giving me a tremendous amount of enjoyment. Having registered I have been thrilled and pleasantly surprised with the new updates, and now this SolSuite Plus! I would say you offer very good value, caring service and a damn good Solitaire package! Thank you most warmly. One of your satisfied customers.
— James Withers, New Zealand

Keep up the good work! Your program IS the best out there! Customer support - Upgrades, everything. You treat your customers on a personal level.
— Barbara Saffer, U.S.

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October 10, 2019

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