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Dear friends ... A big thanks and keep up the great "GAMES". I just bought your SolSuite and it is fantastic!!! I stayed up till almost dawn playing the most fascinating Solitaire Games, and for 300+ Games ... for under $20.00 ... WOW. My Wife and I fight over the computer now to see who gets on first! Keep doing what you're doing, and I'll be back for more good stuff!
— Ed Plewa, U.S.

I really appreciate the fact that you responded to my question so quickly. I have had bad experiences trying to get help from other companies. You get the Gold Star for the month! Again, thank you for your quick response.
— Pat Nilson, U.S.

Meant to add that SolSuite was the first thing I wanted up and running after I restored my computer. I can't live without my morning cup of coffee and a few games of Spider-Two Suits. I've missed it so. Love SolSuite... thanks to the powers that be for a great program!
— Cynthia Cedergren, U.S.

I will highly recommend your Company to everyone I know that has a PC. I am impressed with the download time, security, installation, use and method of payment. It seems that you folks have thought of everything to make this program...user friendly. SolSuite is indeed a great value.
— Linda Simmons, U.S.

SolSuite Plus! is just awesome! I can't believe all the stuff you have stuffed into an already great program!!! All I can say is, "WOW!" The extra large cards are great. And all the new backgrounds and card decks, toooooo cool. Now everybody in the house will want to use my computer!! Because I have the SolSuite installed on it! Best money I ever spent. Such great "brain candy", AND IT'S NOT ILLEGAL. Thanks a bunch!
— Patty Scherer, U.S.

Just to say thank you for continuing the marvelous work that goes into inventing these very, very good games. The free additions, where others would demand money, are very welcome. Thank you very much to all the team.
— Laurie Becker, United Kingdom

Just a quick note to tell you just how much I am enjoying SolSuite. I have had the 123 Free Solitaire sample package on my computer for the past year, and have played those games to death. I kept telling myself that I needed to order the whole package, but just didn't get around to it until last night. That was my mistake. SolSuite is tremendous. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the new games, and the additional features. I feel strongly that it is the best $20.00 I have spent lately. So -- keep up the great work, and you sure do have a satisfied customer here!— Bill Harden, U.S.

My children and I have been using SolSuite for several years and you are the best around! We recommend you to all our friends and feel guilty that we do not pay more! We have, of course, upgraded to v 8.xx...
— Dave Merrikin, United Kingdom

Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE SolSuite. It is fabulous and so entertaining. Besides all the added features, it is so unique and interesting. I never get tired of playing these games. It is the BEST Solitaire around. I would recommend it to anyone who truly loves Solitaire. It has it all! Thank you for a great way to relax with a hassle free program. It is such a joy to have SolSuite. I am so glad I bought it! It is worth every penny and more. Thanks Again!
— Bonnie C. Ulsberger, U.S.

Just wanted to say that, of all the shareware stuff I have ever tried, SolSuite was the only one I ever felt was actually worth the shareware fee. This is a high-quality program, and lots of fun. I actually enjoy the harder games, the ones that really make you have to think. I actually thought FreeCell was hard, on the old Microsoft version of solitaire... that is, until I downloaded SolSuite, and ran into some really tough games like British Constitution and General's Patience. I'm enjoying this...
— Angela Bridgman, U.S.

I would like to express my absolute delight and satisfaction together with the compliments from my wife for the finest and largest selection of the highest quality card games that anyone could ever wish to own or play. The guides, rules and help menu is also of the highest standard and one of the reasons that I personally rate SolSuite as the best ever. This is true value for the amount of money I have invested. Thank you one and all for the hard work that you have done to ensure that people like myself can entertain and enjoy ourselves at home for hours on end without even having to play the same game twice in any one week (Did I say WEEK???. Should be more like months).
— Gerry van Rooyen, South Africa

Thank you SolSuite. Your games are the Best on the Internet. WOW! PACKED with so many games, that you just never get tired of going to these games. Always a new one to learn, IF you get bored for a spell with the ones you already know. I especially enjoy your Pyramid......it is the best one on the market.....but, play many... many others. Thank you so very much. This series of games (SolSuite) is especially GREAT for US OLD RETIRED FOLKS. Love it, and it passes the time.
— Darleen R. Henning, U.S.

Desde Argentina me dirijo a Uds. con el objeto de agradecerles los continuos envios de actualizacion de SolSuite. Les hago notar que considero SolSuite una excelente suite de juegos de cartas. Trabajo continuamente en computadora, mas de 10 horas por dia, sin embargo, al finalizar mi tarea diaria, en vez de decir que estoy cansado de dicha maquina, me quedo una o dos horas mas relajandome y disfrutando de la inmensa variedad de alternativas ofrecidas. Muy bueno, sigan adelante! y les agradezco asimismo que a pesar de que compre vuestra registracion hace varios meses, continuen acordandose de mi. Muchas gracias y sigan adelante!
— Braulio Baillo, Argentina

Complimenti vivissimi per il gioco di solitari SolSuite. Ma moglie ed io ogni sera facciamo il medesimo solitario su due computer diversi. Peccato che mia moglie riesca quasi sempre a concludere il gioco in un tempo inferiore al mio. Riesco sempre a vincere...quando gioco da solo!! Di nuovo tanti complimenti.
— Alberto Bonacina, Italy

Just wanted you folks to know that yours is the first shareware I've ever gone ahead and actually purchased--the quality is extraordinarily high and the price was right.
— Honorine C. Woodward, U.S.

Once again even more games to keep my mind active. Thanks for all the help in the past you are definitely the best site on the web providing great entertainment for a reasonable price. Best wishes for the future and keep the good work up!
— Gus McGowan, United Kingdom

Hi There. I just would like to say that SolSuite is a very nice package. More card games than I have ever seen and good helpful guides and rules. I have tried a couple of the other solitaire type games bur yours is the best. Thank you for a great set of card games. One thing that I really enjoy is when you win a game and you get the cards all over the screen. Pretty cool. Thank you.
— Kerry Hallissy, U.S.

SolSuite is the best value purchase I have ever made with shareware (or freeware) card games. A company that can offer such a quality product as this and for a very reasonable price is outstanding. The graphics, sound effects, and loads of options make SolSuite a superior package.
— William H Crawley, U.S.

I want to thank you for all the help and patience you have had with me. I finally got SolSuite downloaded and they took the number ok. It is great, as I really think that it is the best there is. The help that you give to people is fantastic, as many sites will not even respond to you and give no help. Thank you again so very much.
— Lois J. Czudak, U.S.

I totally enjoy playing all your games, there are so interesting, the trouble is once I sit down to play, its hard to drag myself away, the more you win a game the more you want to play, and the time goes by so quickly, I'm never bored. Thank you very much.
— Agnes Mcadam, U.K.

I am from Gelnhausen, Germany. I am so glad, I got me the Solitaire Card Games (SolSuite). The are so great. I play them everyday and learned so many new games. Thank you for a wonderful Card Collection.
— Barbara Kolpack, Germany

Je viens d'acquérir votre jeu. Je suis emballé par la variété des jeux proposés. C'est un exercice intellectuel de premier ordre. Félicitations.
— Estéoule, France

I love Solitaire and have been looking for some great games without ANY success UNTIL I found SolSuite. Now, I can play forever and never get bored. Your games are awesome and I'm going to tell all my friends about you.
— Linda Cantwell, U.S.

I want to thank you for your prompt response to me and my dilemma with the computer. I surely would have missed playing SolSuite, these games give me hours of pleasure for sure. I hope my computer stays straight for a long time but if not I know I can get help from the SolSuite people, which makes me very glad I have this service. Again thank you.
— John Bevell, U.S.

It is the best collection of card games out there. Anybody who comes in and uses my computer always clicks on the shortcut icon to play. It's just so relaxing. Keeps your mind off work or pressing matters. I call it a form of brain candy.
— Patricia Scherer, U.S.

Registering to SolSuite was the smartest thing I did last year. I'm always discovering different types of games. I tell all my friends; if you like solitaire games, then SolSuite is the answer. Thank you so much.
— Helga Hinriksdottir, Iceland

I must say that this is one of the best purchases I've ever made. No solitaire collection I know comes close. SolSuite truly stands out. Every praise from your users is well deserved.
— Chuah Eng Khoon, Malaysia

Dear SolSuite, I must say your game is awesome! We spend time competing against each other for the fastest time! Once my Mom comes up with a record it's up to me to make a new record, then she tries to put me back in second place! Nevertheless we have a great time.
— Peter Melendez, U.S.

This is the most complete solitaire library I have ever seen. With the statistics and other features offered there is no other that can compare. Thank you so much as well for the technical support.
— Aaron D. Holbrook, U.S.

It is my pleasure to let you know that SolSuite constitutes the most valuable entertainment tool that I have ever met. The games are very interesting and amusing and they speed up the mind. The constant renovations of the program constitute another attractiveness since the users of SolSuite always meet amazing news. My best wishes from Santa Fe, Argentina, and congratulations for your work.
— Alfredo Lopez, Argentina

This must be the neatest suite of card games I have encountered in my life. Thanks once again for the upgrade. This is one license purchase I have made that is worth one million times it's value. My whole family is addicted to the games.
— Joe Daschner, South Africa

I thought it was about time I wrote you and tell you what your games mean to myself and wife, especially my wife. We raised 7 children, never had much money and to keep getting your update without charge is something special. My wife isn't in very good health (68 years old) and so enjoys SolSuite and always looks forward to the new ones. My wife is good at the games, let me tell you, but it keeps her busy and happy and that I thank you for. God be with you all.
— John C. McKinley, U.S.

I have been using a computer since the early 1980's, and I've always enjoyed playing computer games. But my favorite card game of all time is the SolSuite set. I look forward to every upgrade. All of you at SolSuite have done a tremendous job creating these games! The free upgrades added to the very reasonable start-up price is such a plus. Thanks so much for the great work!
— Cathie Sanders, U.S.

I am from Cape Town, South Africa and a subscriber to your SolSuite games. I have had great enjoyment from these games and have not been able to find a game that compares! My family and friends are hooked on SolSuite and always make a dash to see who can get to the computer first. I have an extremely stressful job and the only way I can really unwind in the evenings is to sit down and play SOLSUITE! No prescribed tranquilizers have been able to do this for me. What a cost saving for the medical aid associations! Keep them coming, best of luck.
— Cynthia Wheeler, South Africa

SolSuite is a great program and an even greater bargain. I have gone through more than 5 competing programs and yours beats them all hands down.
— Charles Penn, U.S.

My husband originally purchased SolSuite 99 for me when I commented on how much I enjoyed the free sample. Just upgraded to the newest version and still loving it...I never get tired of learning a new solitaire game and trying to master it. Thanks for the incredible selection...it's unmatched by any other solitaire collection.
— Stacie LaBean, U.S.

Thank you for the great card games you have put together. It makes it nice to be able to relax from a busy day at the office. I can come home and do my 30 minutes of email and then un-wind by playing cards. Thanks again.
— Daniel Reynolds, U.S.

May 1999 we've bought SolSuite. Since then we have downloaded every new version. We find SolSuite a terrific suite of card games. We've never been as satisfied with a computer game as with the SolSuite games; so many variations, excellent graphics and presentation, easy to understand rules, and that all for a very reasonable price. For me SolSuite has only one drawback: my girl friend, who has discovered SolSuite too, spends too much time on our PC! Thank you for this excellent product.
— Buining Roel, Luxembourg

I can't believe you guys! ANOTHER FREE UPDATE????? Nowhere have I ever received SO MUCH for so little. These are the BEST solitaire games anywhere. The customization capability is the greatest thing since sliced bread, too. Absolutely the best software! Keep up the excellent work.
— Sue Hartman, U.S.

I have to hand it to you people at TreeCardGames, SolSuite was the best $20 bucks I ever spent. My wife and I play it all the time. She and my granddaughter have a running contest as to who can knock who out of the top twenty scores in a number of different games. My granddaughter holds the family record at "Nines" at 24 seconds and one can't get on the top 20 list unless you get 30 seconds or less. I'm confined to bed and have been for the last 20 years and SolSuite has given me something to take my mind off of the pain and boredom. Thanks a million!!
— Gregory James, U.S.

I wanted to write and tell you that I haven't found any games on the computer that I have liked enough to buy let alone on the internet. I love the auto play button, this saves so much time when playing. I love the graphics they are nice. I really like the rules they are so simple and straightforward. All in all I think that you have a terrific game on the computer and I would and will suggest your game to anyone who will listen. I don't think I have ever been as satisfied with a product as I am with yours... thank you!
— Nicole K Kuhni, Canada

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April 10, 2019

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